Breast size reduction

Breast reduction is recommended in the case of excessively large breasts (also called macromastia, mammary hypertrophy or mammary hyperplasia). Such a breast hurts, causes back pain and postural problems with long-term consequences. It makes the affected woman feel uncomfortable and observed. She tries to hide the breast by standing bent and pulling the shoulders forward. This increases the postural defects. Problems in intimate life occur.

Overview of Breast Reduction

Indications for SurgeryLarge, heavy breasts with physical complaints and/or psychological impairment
Treatment PeriodFour hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOne night
Inactive PeriodTen to fourteen days
Costs5.000,- € plus anaesthesia and bed
Post-Treatmentspecial bra, controls
SportAfter four weeks

Possible Consequential Damage if the Breasts are too Large

Breast reduction is perfect for women who have excessively large breasts (also called macromasty, mammary hypertrophy or mammary hyperplasia). Women with excessively large breasts can experience back pain, discomfort and postural problems with long-term consequences. It may also cause the woman to feel uncomfortable or that people are staring, which makes the woman want to hide the breast by standing bent and pulling the shoulders forward.

But this does not have to be the case.

Causes of a Big Bust Size

The size of a breast is essentially determined by the genes. The size is influenced by pregnancy and the hormone secretion that occurs during pregnancy, as well as by external hormones, e.g. the pill.

When a Large Bust Becomes a Problem

As mentioned above: A large breast hurts, causes back pain due to the weight pulling forward and thus postural damage with long-term consequences: Wear of the spine.

Psychological consequences can occur: The woman feels uncomfortable and observed, is ashamed. However, it may well be that she is actually observed and not only feels this way: A very large breast attracts the gaze, not only of men, but also of women …

A breast remains as big as it is: losing weight doesn’t help.

Psychotherapy, which is recommended again and again by the health insurance company, does not help either.

Aim of the Treatment for Breast Reduction

The aim of such an operation is to achieve a significantly smaller, well-formed, beautiful breast that fits the patient. This will be explained in the consultation.

If the shape of the breast is missing, i.e. the size is right, a breast lift is recommended

Procedure of the Treatment

Breast surgery takes place under general anaesthesia and takes about four hours. There are two procedures for correcting large breasts:

The scar-saving method: In the scar-free procedure, the incision is made only around the nipple (perimamillary) and vertically from the nipple into the sub-breast fold (sub-mammary fold). The incision in the lower breast fold is omitted. This variant is possible if the breast is moderately enlarged and moderately saggy.

The classic method: The classical method also works in the submammary fold and is correct for very large and sagging breasts.
If the breast is huge, it is called a gigantomasty, the doctor will cut out the nipple in advance. The breast is then reduced in size and shaped, then the nipple is sewn into its new position.

After the operation our patients will stay one night in the clinic so that we can take care of them and they feel comfortable. They go home the next day and get everything they need: A special bra, my mobile number in case of emergency, painkillers, instructions on how assist the healing process (what the patient should and should not do) and a check-up appointment in our German offices.

Follow-up Treatment

Checks take place regularly, after two weeks, the stitches are removed from the breasts. The bra is worn for six weeks.

The final shape is reached after three months. Then the patient comes to us for the last time and we check whether everything is beautiful and correct.


In operative subjects there is no such thing as zero risk!!! With experience and with good surgeons risk is small.

What can Happen?

Wound healing disorders occur and are rare, smoking increases the risk. Occasionally the deep sutures are not tolerated.

If the scars do not heal perfectly, they can be corrected: By surgery, laser or medical tattoo, depending on which method is most suitable.
If the nipple has to be transplanted freely during a gigantomasty, the sensitivity (the nipple as an erogenous zone) and the ability to breastfeed are lost.

With the other procedures, both are usually retained.

When is it not Advisable to Undergo

Severe and numerous underlying diseases prohibit such an operation.
If a breast is only minimally changed, other procedures should be chosen.

Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Company
In the case of VERY large breasts (cup size H), an application for reimbursement
of costs can be made to the health insurance company.