Nipple Treatment

It may happen that the nipples, or mammilla, might be unattractive in a woman, but the breast itself is beautiful and well formed. Then this region can be treated by nipple correction alone and the actual breast can remain as it is, retaining its femininity.

Correct the Neglected Part of the Breast with Nipple Treatment for Women

Are you Satisfied with the Shape of the Nipple?

Overview of Nipple Correction

Indications for SurgeryToo large, altered areolas and retracted, altered nipples
Treatment PeriodOne hour
AnaestheticLocal anaesthesia
Patient StayOut-patient
Inactive PeriodNone
Costs1.000,- to 1.800,- €
SportControls, Sports After one to two weeks

Beautiful Nipples make the Breasts Perfect

It sometimes happens that the nipples, are unattractive in women, but the breast itself is beautiful and well formed. If this is the case then this region can be treated by a nipple correction alone and the actual breast can remain relativity intact.

Causes for a Nipple Change

Changes in the nipples have various causes:

They are congenital: This means that they developed with puberty and have existed since then.

After pregnancy: It leaves behind changes that women do not want.

Possible Nipples Malformations

A large areola with a diameter of more than 5.5 cm does not match a beautiful breast.

In women, the areola can be frayed, not delimited, i.e. it can flow smoothly into the skin of the breast, which also does not look nice.
The nipple, i.e. the papilla mamillae, is retracted, inverted, and in level with the nipple.

Nipples can be too large and / or hanging.

Aim of the Treatment are Beautiful Perfectly Erected Nipples

The aim of the operation is to ensure that the much neglected nipple is well formed and fits the breast in question. A breast operation itself is not necessary.

Procedure of the Treatment

As a rule, nipple correction under local anaesthesia is possible. If they take place with an operation on the breast itself, our patients are given anaesthesia.

Correction of the areolas means cutting around them in order to reach the goal.

During nipple surgery, the ducts of the mammary glands must be severed, which means it will be n longer possible to breastfeed, because the milk ducts that have been severed can no longer be transported.

Follow-up Treatment

When our patients go home after the nipple correction, they get everything they need: Painkillers (little, it doesn’t hurt very much), my mobile number (just in case), good tips and advice and a check-up appointment. We check whether everything heals properly.

After two weeks the stitches are removed as part of the aftercare, after three months the final result is achieved, i.e. if the region is completely swollen


As mentioned above: If the nipples, the papillae, are subjected to a correction, the milk ducts must be severed.

In the case of inverted nipples – surgery, they retreat a little after the operation, so over correction is necessary.

When Should Surgery not be Performed?

Serious underlying diseases in women prohibit the operation.

If the breast is not beautiful, one should first think of a breast operation, the nipples are then also corrected during this procedure.

One then treats two aesthetic problems at once, This is clarified at the consultation appointment in our offices located in Germany.

Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Company

The costs are to be borne by the customer.