About us

Prof. Dr. Frank-Werner Peter & Team

In our Practice at Wittenbergplatz, which is located in the heart of Berlin, opposite KaDeWe, we are the plastic and aesthetic surgeons. We operate in the clinic and our patients recover in our rooms. The preliminary talks and the minimally invasive treatments take place in the same building in our practice.

Meet the team:

  • Prof. Dr. Frank-Werner Peter is Head of Plastic Surgery of Beauty Pro at Wittenbergplatz and an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
  • Dr. Andreas Finner is the specialist for hair transplants at the Pracitce at Wittenbergplatz
  • Christina Schuster is the head nurse
  • Petra Kleber greets you at the reception
  • Nicole Eisold is nurse and always there for you
  • Edda Stenzel is our plastic surgery assistannt and medical cosmetician
  • Justus Breuer is as medical university student part of our team
  • Dr. Gaby Zorn is our experienced anaesthetist. She will talk to you before the procedure, will assist you after the procedure and will make sure that you aren’t suffering any pain and that you feel well.
  • Silke Jacobsen (as head of the ward), Tanja Steffen, Dorota Sturm, Sven Bludau and Jörg Wiethoff are always there for you on the ward

A heart for plastic surgery

Prof. Dr. Frank-Werner Peter is a very experienced surgeon whose heart beats for all areas of plastic surgery: aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, burn surgery and hand surgery.

Man today is a homo aestheticus

The high value placed on appearance is legitimate, because we all perceive it in everyday life. The consequence is that if something is perceived as not beautiful, the suffering that results can be considerable. We take both practical and psychological needs seriously.

Counselling and aftercare are important to us

We provide well-founded advice and carefully select the appropriate procedure, taking into account a balanced cost-benefit-risk ratio. After an operation Prof. Peter is of course still there for his patients.

Prof. Dr. Frank-Werner Peter

Prof. Dr. Frank-Werner Peter is Head of Plastic Surgery in our Practice at Wittenbergplatz, Berlin.

Prof. Peter is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as a specialist in general surgery. As a university lecturer at the Ruhr-University Bochum he is involved in education and research. Prof. Peter is co-founder of the non-profit association placet e. V.. The association is a voluntary organization in which doctors from all over the world operate on terror victims on a voluntary basis.

CV and Projects of Prof. Dr. Frank-Werner Peter

Dr. Andreas Finner

Dr. Andreas Finner is a specialist for hair transplants in our Practice at Wittenbergplatz.

He is also an experienced and sought-after honorary doctor in other German and European clinics. As a speaker, Dr. Finner passes on his knowledge at hair research and dermatological conferences. He is a member of the Group of Experts for the Development of European Medical Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hereditary Hair Loss.

CV and Projects of Dr. Andreas Finner