Breast Lift

An operation is almost always the right method to achieve the desired change. Creams, ultrasound and other nonsense help the provider but not the patient. These are all short-term trends that cannot work.

Rejuvenate your Shape with a Breast Lift or Tightening

Firm Bosom – Beautiful Cleavage

Breast Lift Overview

Indications for Surgeryloss of shape / sagging of the breast
Treatment PeriodOne to four hours
Anaestheticpossibly local anesthesia
Patient StayOne night
Inactive PeriodOne week
Costs2.000,- to 5.000,- €, depending on method, without anesthesia, bed and VAT
Post-Treatmentspecial bra, controls, scar care
SportAfter two to four weeks

Don’t put up with Sagging Breasts

A breast can lose its natural shape over time, which can cause loss of self confidence. Plastic surgery can solve the problem via various surgical procedures. In some cases they can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia, in others more effort is required.

Other techniques, such as creams, ultrasound or massage help those offering the services but not the patient. Do not be misled, such procedures are all frivolous, they won’t work.

Cause of Sagging Breasts

The causes of an unattractive, misshapen breast may include:

Pregnancy: It causes the breast to grow. After weaning, it becomes smaller and loses its shape.

Weight loss: If you lose weight, this also happens to the breast, It gets smaller and hangs.

Congenital change: The breast was never beautiful, i.e. never full and round. There are also malformations, e.g. the tuberous breast, which make a -modified- technique of tightening necessary.

Sagging Breast due to Excess Skin

A breast loses its shape and hangs whenever the skin envelope is too large relative to its contents, i.e. the breast tissue. This means that the excess skin is removed, no matter which surgical method makes sense.

The actual breast tissue remains intact, It is redistributed and the breast is reshaped. In other words, the size of the breast remains intact during such an operation.

It is often the case that no outside influences can help this problem, be that; sport, weight loss, creams etc

In addition to the loss of shape, there are stretch marks on the upper parts of the breast.

Aim of the Treatment During a Breast Lift

With our treatment, we want to ensure that our patients receive beautiful, well-formed breasts that fit and rejuvenate them and thus support their femininity and their feminine self-confidence.

All questions relating to the topic are clarified during a consultation. The term mastopexy serves as a generic term for all necessary interventions.

Course of Treatment

Depending on the extent of the change, there are very different operations and procedures:

Perimamillary tightening: It is useful when there is little excess skin. A skin ring around the nipple (nipple) is removed, the wound edges are brought closer together and the breast is tightened.

Scar-saving tightening (according to Lassus / Lejour): Here the nipple is cut around and perpendicular to the sub-breast fold. The nipple is moved upwards into the new position, the tissue is mobilized, the breast is reshaped and the excess skin is removed. Inner seams additionally tighten and secure the shape.

The classic tightening: If the excess skin is large, an incision is made in the submammary fold. Otherwise, this operation proceeds as described under “2”.

Tightening using an implant: If no scars are to remain except in the lower breast fold, an implant can be used to tighten. The necessary consequence, of course, is that the breast becomes larger.

The combination of different methods: This is always a good solution. Whether and to what extent the combination is effective, we will see during the consultation.

Follow-up Treatment

After the operation, our patients will stay in the clinic for one night. They then have to wear a special bra for six weeks, which they will receive from us. We will regularly check whether everything heals as it should and after two weeks the stitches are removed.

Three months after the operation, the final result is achieved.

A word about the scars: Yes, scars occur during a breast lift but as a rule, they are not very noticeable. If they do become clear, there are various methods of correction.


In surgical subjects there is no such thing as zero risk!!! Good, experienced, in this case German, doctors minimize it.

What can Happen?

Post-operative bleeding occurs, but is very rare. In the context of healing and the formation of internal scars, the nipples can warp, this can be corrected later.

When is it not Advisable to Undergo Surgery?

Serious underlying diseases prohibit such an operation and the skin of the breast must be free of infections.