Scar Treatment

When a person has been injured, the body lets this injury, this external (or internal) wound, heal. As a result of the wound healing a scar is formed. Such healing can go without any problems and leave an inconspicuous, non-irritating scar. Or it can be accompanied by considerable problems.

Skin Toning / Remove Excess Skin Surgery

Skin has the wonderful ability to shrink when it has been stretched: it can adapt to a new, slim situation, e.g. after weight loss or pregnancy. However, this ability has its limits: If it has been overstretched, it behaves like an elastic band that has been pulled too much: it loses its elasticity and can no longer adapt to the new situation. Then it hangs and no longer fits the new inner silhouette. Such an apron cannot simply be taken off. Plastic surgery is in demand.

Sweat Gland Suction / Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Normal sweating is a physiological, sensible process in which the body regulates its temperature.
Excessive sweating, for example in the armpit (Latin: hyperhidrosis, German: Hyperhidrose) no longer has any function and is very unpleasant. This ranges from unpleasant odours to runny sweat to constant stains in clothing that are difficult to hide. Problems in social contact with avoidance strategies follow.