Minimally invasive surgery

We carry out minimally invasive treatments with first-class results

Here we present the non-surgical (minimally invasive) beauty treatments of the Privatklinik am Wittenbergplatz.

Autologous treatment / lipofilling

In aesthetic medicine, autologous fat is used to replenish volume where it appears necessary. This can be wrinkles in the face, retracted scars or sunken backs of the hands. The lips also gain more volume with a filler made from the body’s own material.

Transferred and autologous fat pads the skin on the face, compensating for lost, reduced volume and making the face look fresher, healthier and more attractive. The fat is obtained by liposuction, i.e. it is gently suctioned off at another part of the body, processed and injected under the skin.

Op IndicationLoss of volume on the cheeks and temples
Op Duration1 Hour
AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia
Overnight StayDepending on scope and preference: Outpatient or 1 night inpatient
Recovery Period1 week for public appearance
CostsDepending on size: 1,500 – 3,000 € excl. VAT
SportAfter 4 Weeks


EMSCULPT® is a non-invasive treatment against unwanted fat pads and for simultaneous muscle tightening on abdomen, buttocks, upper arms and calves, which we offer you in our beauty clinic in Berlin. The build-up of muscles and the simultaneous reduction of fat is achieved by electromagnetic impulses, without any sweaty training. Supramaximal muscle contractions simulate thousands of sit-ups and knee bends – a painless and highly effective physical training.

EMSCULPT eignet sich außerdem hervorragend zur Behandlung von Rectusdiastase.

Op IndicationFlabby tissue and / or fat pads
Op Duration4 sessions of 30 minutes each
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery PeriodNone
Costs1,900 € for 4 treatments excl. VAT

Wrinkle treatment with botulinum

Botulinum is an active substance that reduces or completely suppresses muscle activity. In the aesthetic field, this is a very efficient method of preventing or treating wrinkles. Botulinum is mainly used against the formation of wrinkles in the upper half of the face: frown lines, forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes. You should be very careful and prudent when using the remedy in other areas. We provide you with sound and professional advice.

Op IndicationDynamic wrinkles, i.e. wrinkles caused by muscle activity
Op DurationA few minutes
AnestheticAnaesthetic cream
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery PeriodNone
CostsDepending on size: from 280€ € excl. VAT per area. Extra area from 100 € excl. VAT.

Wrinkle treatment with hyaluron

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluron, is a filler substance (a filler) and is injected under the skin as a gel. Through the injection, hyaluronan lifts the skin so that wrinkles are smoothed and lost volume is restored. Hyaluron is the classic substance used to inject wrinkles. As a natural component of the human connective tissue, there are no incompatibilities with hyaluronic acid.

Op IndicationConsequences of resting wrinkles / volume loss
Op Duration10 – 30 Minutes
AnestheticAnesthetic cream
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery Period0 – 2 Days
CostsDepending on scope: 480 € per ml excl. VAT

Medical Needling

Fine needle stitches with a needle roller counteract an unsightly skin appearance. There are currently three different techniques that are used depending on the findings. Surgical treatment with 3 mm needles has a very long-lasting effect and can significantly improve the appearance of the skin even in the case of severe burn scars.

Op IndicationsConsequences of aging, congenital and acquired malpositions, consequences of injury / skin aging / wrinkles / stretch marks / scars
Op Duration30 – 60 Minutes
AnestheticGeneral Anesthetic
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery Period1 Weeks
CostsDepending on extent: 1,500 – 2,800 € excl. VAT, plus material (approx. 350 €) and anesthesia (approx. 350 €)
AftercareAutonomous daily creaming for 3 months, follow-up after 1 and 2 weeks, 3 and 6 months
SportAfter 2 Weeks