Hair Transplants

Healthy and vital hair is important for well-being and attractiveness. It is perfectly normal that everyone loses a few hairs a day, because our hair is subject to a growth cycle. When the hair stops growing, it falls out and a new hair grows in its place. However, if too many hairs fall out every day for several weeks or if bald spots on the head are visible, this has nothing to do with the healthy renewal process, but rather is referred to as pathological hair loss.

Hand Surgery

Injuries to the hand are frequent: the hand is exposed, grabs, works. The spectrum is broad: The injuries range from the smallest scratch to the most severe crushing and amputation, the latter meaning major surgery, major surgery and treatment in the clinic, whether plastic surgery or trauma surgery.

Hyaluron Wrinkle Treatment

Hyaluron is an indispensable part of modern beauty treatment. In its natural form, it is a polysaccharide (polysaccharide or carbohydrate) which the human body produces in the cell membranes itself. The substance fulfils numerous tasks in the organism.