Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Correction

With an eyelid correction, the eye area and thus the entire impression of the person is fresh, awake, alert, present, radiant and youthful. If the field of vision is restricted, an eyelid correction should also eliminate the functional disorder.

OP IndicationConsequences of ageing, congenital and acquired deformities, consequences of injury
OP Duration1 – 3 Hours
AnestheticDepending on scope and personal preference: local or general anesthesia
Overnight StayDepending on scope and personal preference: with or without overnight stay
Recovery Period1 -2 Weeks
CostsAccording to scope: 2,400 – 5,800 € excl. VAT
AftercareCooling, Sunglasses
SportAfter 1 -3 Weeks
Op IndicationCongenital underdevelopment: hypoplasia / congenital malformation: Dysplasia, aplasia / acquired form disorder after pregnancy, weight loss (ptosis) or after tumor / asymmetry / lack of harmony between breast and body
Op Duration1 – 4 Hours
AnestheticGeneral Anesthetic
Overnight Stay1 Night
Recovery Period1 -2 Weeks
Costs6,500 – 6,800 € excl. VAT, plus anesthetic and hospital bed
Nipple correction: 1,300 € excl. VAT
AftercareRegular check-ups, the final one after three months. Special bra.
SportAfter 4 weeks

Breast operation for men

The aim of the operation is to make the feminine-looking upper body appear male again. All superfluous, unwanted tissue is removed by the operation. First of all, we determine the type of gynecomastia (“male breasts”) and then treat it in the indicated manner.

Op IndicationFemale breast form on men
Op Duration1 – 2,5 Hours
AnestheticTumescence (special local anesthesia or general anesthesia)
Overnight StayOutpatient
Recovery Period1 – 3 Days
Costs3,600 € – 6,500 € excl. VAT, plus anesthetic and hospital bed
AftercareCheck-ups after 2 days, 2 weeks and 2 months
SportBelly and legs: After 1 ½ weeks. Chest and arms: After 4 weeks


Own fat can be used to compensate for contour disorders of the body. The fat required for this purpose is obtained by liposuction, i.e. it is gently suctioned off at another part of the body, processed and injected into the defect.

Of course one’s own fat is completely compatible. When it has grown into the location of the former defect, it solves the problem permanently.

Op IndicationLoss of volume on the cheeks, temples
Op Duration1 Hours
AnestheticGeneral Anesthetic
Overnight StayDepending on extent and desire: Outpatient or 1 night stay
Recovery Period1 week for public appearances
CostsDepending on scope and in combination with other surgical procedures: 1,500 – 5,000 € excl. VAT
SportAfter 4 Weeks


There are parts of the body where fat accumulates that cannot be removed by diet or intensive exercise. For women, these are the so-called riding pants, i.e. the region on the outside of the upper thigh and waist, but also on the stomach and bottom. In men it is usually the area around the waist. For such superfluous and stubborn fat deposits, liposuction is a very effective solution.

Op IndicationBody shaping for localized fat accumulation
Op Duration0,5 – 1,5 Hours
AnestheticMostly tumescence, therefore a special form of local anesthesia / on request also general anesthesia
Overnight StayDepending on extent and personal preference: Outpatient or 1 night stay
Recovery PeriodA few days/ for physical activity: 8 – 10 days
CostsDepending on scope: 2,600 – 4,800 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed
AftercareCompression girdle. Follow-up checks after 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months
SportTreated areas: after 4 weeks, rest of the body: after 1 week

Foxy Eyes

Foxy Eyes are also called Cat Eyes or Bella Eyes. The operation that conjures up such eyes changes their shape: they look beautifully animalistic.

Here’s what happens: The outer edge of the eye is lifted by working on the skin of the upper eyelid, the eyelid frenulum and the ring-shaped eye muscle. This lifts the corner of the eye and gives the eye line the desired aesthetic mysticism.

Op IndicationAesthetic changing of eye shape
Op Duration1 Hour
AnestheticAccording to scope and personal preference: local or general anesthetic
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery Period1 Week
CostsDepending on scope: from 2,400 € excl. VAT
AftercareCooling, Sunglasses
SportAfter 2 Weeks

Posterior Correction

A beautiful body has always been a human necessity. This naturally includes a well-shaped bottom. If it’ s too small or too flat, it can be gently shaped with the help of plastic surgery, for example with an own-fat treatment or with implants. It is also possible to give the buttocks more volume or to adapt their shape.

Op IndicationShape and volume loss
Op Duration1 – 3 Hours
AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthetic
Overnight Stay1 Night
Recovery Period2 – 3 Weeks
CostsDepending on scope: 4,800 – est. 7,500 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed
AftercareCheck-ups, local infection prevention, supportive posture
SportAfter 5 Weeks

Hair Transplant

Healthy and vital hair is important for well-being and attractiveness. The genetic, congenital alopecia (hair loss) is a progressive process. Men are affected twice as often as women. Neither men nor women have to put up with the often stressful hair loss. Nowadays, there are excellent possibilities to maintain or restore hair growth. Our hair specialist and hair surgeon Dr. Andreas Finner will identify the nature of your hair loss and offer the appropriate solutions.

Op IndicationHair loss at receding hairline or tonsure (men) / thinning of the front and upper head (women) / scars of the scalp / high forehead / loss of eyebrows
Op Duration1 – 3 Hours
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia of head’s skin surface
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery Period1 – 2 weeks depending on combability, possibility of headgear
CostsDepending on scope: 2,000 – 8,000 € excl. VAT
AftercareCooling, special shampoo, hair medications
SportAfter 1 – 6 weeks, depending on the extent of the cosmetic surgery

Hand surgery for injury or malformation & lunatum malacia treatment

The hand is a highly specialized, highly differentiated, highly complex, and extremely important organ of our body. With the development of the upright gait it was freed from locomotion and could develop as a fine grasping and touching instrument. Its special status is demonstrated, among other things, by the fact that it occupies large parts of the brain to control it and process its perception.

Skin Toning

Overstretched skin hangs, no longer matches the actual body silhouette, skin wrinkles form and stretch marks appear. Not only the aesthetic appearance is impaired, but sore spots, eczema, ulcers or fungal infections can form in skin folds.

This type of excess skin cannot recede on its own. Surgical skin tightening is necessary and promises a good recovery for body and soul.

Op IndicationExcess skin and fat after heavy weight loss / pregnancy or as a result of age on the upper arms, abdomen and thighs
Op DurationUpper arm firming: 2 – 3.5 hours
Tummy tuck: 4 – 5 hours
Thigh lift: 4 – 5 hours
AnesthesiaUpper arm firming: local anesthesia possible
Abdominoplasty & thigh lift: General anesthesia
Overnight StayUpper arm firming: 0 – 1 day
Tummy tuck & thigh lift: 2 – 3 days
Recovery PeriodUpper arm lift: 1 – 2 weeks
Tummy tuck & thigh lift: 2 – 4 weeks
CostsUpper arm lift: from 3,200 – 6,000 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed if necessary
Abdominoplasty & thigh lift: approx. 7,000 – 8,500 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and if necessary hospital bed
Abdominoplasty mini: 5,000 – 5,600 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed if necessary
AftercareRegular follow-up checks, the last time after 3 months
SportNon-operated parts of the body: after 2 – 3 weeks, operated areas: after 6 – 8 weeks

Intimate Surgery for Women

Malformed labia or unwanted form is a very personal matter, this is after all the intimate area that we’re talking about. Often there are inhibitions over a long period of time to go to the doctor and get treatment. We take the problems seriously and deal with the subject of “intimate surgery for women” in a professional and sensitive manner. The aim is to restore self-confidence and to find a way to a fulfilled sexuality.

Op IndicationInner labia: Oversize, incorrect position / labia majora: lack of formation
Op Duration1 Hour
AnasthesiaGeneral Anasthetic
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery Period1 – 2 Weeks
CostsDepending on scope: 2,500 € – 2,800 € excl. VAT
AftercareLocal wound treatment
SportAfter 2 – 3 Weeks

Chin Correction

The aim of a plastic chin operation is to achieve a harmonious contour of the chin that matches the silhouette of the profile. To achieve this, there is an imaginary line that should be approximated by the treatment: forehead, upper lip white and chin should lie on a vertical line. Our treatment method always depends on the individual findings and the wishes of the patient.

Op IndicationMalformed chin
Op Duration1,5 Hours
AnestheticGeneral Anesthetic
Overnight StayDepending on scope and preference: Outpatient or 1 night inpatient
Recovery Period1 – 2 Weeks
Costs2,500 – approx. 4,700 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed if desired
SportAfter 2 Weeks

Lifting (neck / forehead / face)

Lifting remains the supreme discipline of plastic and aesthetic surgery and the procedure by which all others are measured. It requires a high degree of expertise and precision. Applied correctly, a neck or face lift turns the clock back ten to fifteen years. The aesthetic gain is permanent. Our goal is always naturalness: the face looks fresh, rested, harmonious and youthful.

Op IndicationAgeing in the face
Op Duration5 Hours
AnestheticGeneral Anesthetic
Overnight Stay2 Nights
Ausfallzeit2 Weeks
Kosten13,500 € – approx. 16,500 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed
NachbehandlungCheck-ups and skin care
SportAfter 4 Weeks
Op IndicationSunk skin at the forehead and brows
Op DurationPlastic surgery: 2 – 3 hour
AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
Overnight StayOut-patient 2 nights
Recovery PeriodTwo weeks
Costs5,500 € – approx. 6,500 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed
AftercareCheck-ups and skin care
SportAfter 4 weeks

Op IndicationAgeing in the neck
Op DurationNeck lift: 3 hours
AnestheticGeneral Anesthetic
Overnight Stay2 Nights
Ausfallzeit2 Weeks
Kosten7,000 € – approx. 8,000 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed
NachbehandlungCheck-ups and skin care
SportAfter 4 Weeks

Lip Correction

Beautiful lips belong to a harmonious face. Beautiful means: full, curved, attractive, sexy. Because narrow lips can cause a pinched, serious and humorless facial expression. With a correction of the lips this false impression can be avoided and eliminated.

Op IndicationThin lips
Op DurationFiller: 10 minutes
Plastic surgery: 1 hour
AnesthesiaFiller: Anesthetic cream
Plastic surgery: General anesthesia
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery PeriodFiller: none
Plastic surgery: few days
CostsFiller: 480 € excl. VAT
Plastic surgery: 4,200 – 4,800 € excl. VAT
AftercareCheck-ups. Filler: none / cosmetic surgery: soft food
SportFiller: immediately / cosmetic surgery: after a few days

Nose Correction

The desire for a nose that fits perfectly into the face and meets aesthetic expectations is satisfied by a nose plastic (also called rhinoplasty). Individual facial shapes are of course taken into account in the careful planning.

Rhinoplasty is undisputedly one of the most demanding cosmetic operations. Prof. Peter has many years of experience and performs nose reductions, nose tip surgery and nasal septum surgery in an experienced and professional manner.

Op IndicationConspicuous shape that does not fit the face / restricted breathing due to crooked nasal septum
Op Duration1 – 3 Hours
AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia
Overnight Stay1 Night
Recovery Period1 Week
CostsDepending on scope: 6,500 – 8,500 € excl. VAT, plus anesthesia and hospital bed
Aftercare1 week plaster, check-ups over several months
SportAfter 2 – 4 Weeks

Scar treatment – reduction of bulging scar tissue & keloids after surgery

When a person has been injured, the body lets this injury, this external (or internal) wound, heal. As a result of the wound healing a scar is formed. Healing can go without any problems and leave an inconspicuous, non-irritating scar. Or it can be accompanied by considerable problems.

Op IndicationProblematic Scarring
Op DurationDepending on the scope: Half an hour to two hours
AnesthesiaDepending on scope: local or general anesthesia
Overnight StayDepending on scope: Outpatient or inpatient
Recovery PeriodDepending on scope: One to ten days
CostsDepending on scope: from 600 € excl. VAT
AftercareCheckups, scar care
SportDepending on scope: After a few days up to three weeks

Ear Correction

Ear malformations are usually congenital, but occasionally they can also be the result of an accident or occur after the removal of a tumor. In any case, protruding or deformed ears are always clearly visible and lead to great mental suffering for many affected persons.

Ear correction can be performed without surgery in infancy and can be easily treated surgically in children and adults.

Op IndicationProtruding ears / malformations
Op Duration1 – 3 Hours
AnesthesiaChildren: General anesthesia
Adults: local or general anesthesia
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery Period1 Week
CostsDepending on scope: 3,500 – 4,500 € excl. VAT (Cost reimbursement after tumor surgery)
AftercareHead bandage – 5 follow-up checks within 12 weeks
SportAfter 2 Weeks

Sweat gland suction

Treatment is recommended for excessive sweating, which goes beyond physiological function. It is possible by means of a muscle relaxant (botulinum toxin) or by suctioning the sweat glands. When removing the sweat glands in this way, the suction cannula is inserted through a small prick and the area is freed from the glands. A bandage then compresses the armpit for three days. The result of the operation is permanent.

Op IndicationExcessive sweating in the armpit
Op Duration1 Hour
AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia: Tumescence
Overnight StayOut-patient
Recovery PeriodA few days
CostsCosmetic surgery: 3,500 € excl. VAT
Botulinum: 650 € excl. VAT
AftercareCompression, check-ups
SportAfter 2 Weeks