Breast Operations for Women

An operation is almost always the right method to achieve the desired change. Creams, ultrasound and other nonsense help the provider but not the patient. These are all short-term trends that cannot work.

Breast Augmentation & Breast Reduction for Women

The female breast can be change in many different ways and under many different circumstances, these circumstances can be congenital.

If the cause is congenital, then these may be caused by:

• Pregnancy
• weight loss
• ageing
• tumour operation

To fix these congenital issues, an operation is the only real way to see tangible change in the shape and feel of the breast.

Other methods such as; creams, ultrasounds or other quick fix solutions either won’t help the patient or are only short term fixes.

The main goal is always a well-formed, feminine, attractive breast that suits women and their bodies.

It is also important that the final result pleases the patient first and second the surgeon, after all it is the patient who lives with the final result, not the surgeon.

The doctors will always give advice and draw attention to possible problems in order to find a good solution together. All these things are discussed and clarified at the consultation in our clinic located in Germany before the treatment.

These are the following procedures that aim to shape and modify the breast:

Breast Enlargement: A small / too small / non-existent breast is congenital, the treatment is enlargement or augmentation and Implants will be used.

Breast Reduction: A large / too large breast is also congenital or occurs after pregnancy which can cause physical and mental anguish. Depending on the extent, there are different techniques to correct this.

Breast Lift: If the breast loses shape due to pregnancy, weight loss, ageing or tumour surgery, it may be necessary to redistribute the existing tissue, secure it with internal sutures and thus restore a beautiful breast.

Breast Asymmetry: The asymmetry is either congenital or the result of a tumour operation, the goal is to make the breasts as symmetrical as possible.

Nipple Treatment: A nipple (nipple) can be changed on its own or in combination with the breast itself: Too large, too small, asymmetrical or of the nipples have retracted.