Lip Correction

A harmonious face includes beautiful lips. Beautiful means: Full, curved, attractive, sexy. Because narrow lips not only look unattractive, they also convey that the person in question is pinched, serious and humourless. And she almost never is. This false impression can be avoided and eliminated by correcting the lips.

Rediscover Fuller lips with a Lip Correction or Lip Augmentation

Give your Lips some Volume

Overview of a Lip Enlargement

Indications for SurgeryNarrow lips
Treatment PeriodTen minutes
OP: One hour in our clinic in Germany
AnaestheticAnaesthetic cream
OP: General anesthesia
Patient StayAmbulant
Inactive PeriodNone
OP: Few days
Costs400 €
OP: 2000 €
Post-TreatmentFiller: None
OP: Soft food
OP: After a few days

The Desire for Irresistible Lips

Many people desire beautiful lips; full, curved, attractive and sexy because narrow lips not only look unattractive, they also convey that the person in question is dense, serious and humourless. With a correction of the lips this – false – impression can be avoided .

Causes of Lip Shape

People inherit the shape of their lips, as well as the shape of their nose, eyes and ears. Plastic surgery with its methods can help nature a little …
If the lip has been injured, it can be surgically shaped so that it looks good again.

Lip Modelling for more Volume and Beautiful Lip Shape

Doing nothing and expecting results is a erroneous way of thinking, if lips are too narrow, asymmetrical , warped or bulging, treatment has to be performed on the tissue itself.

Creams may work for 24 hours but the effect soon disappears.
Good surgery produces lips that are both beautiful and harmonious, underlining the attractiveness of the face.

The Aim of the Treatment is to Achieve even and Full Lips

There are two types of correction:

By Filler: Correction by injecting with a filler is the most common type of lip procedure, Hyaluronic acid is used as the substance. Among the different types of acid, the soft, easily spreadable form is the right one.

By surgery: After the lips have been creamed with an anesthetic cream, they are modeled. The gel is injected where the change is planned. In this way, you get exactly the shape and size that you want to achieve with the lip injection.

An exception is the lip, where the entire lip red is inverted in the mouth. Then the enlargement of the lip red lands in the mouth. Here the operation must be performed and the red of the lips shifted outwards.
An operation or augmentation makes sense if, as described above, the entire lip red is in the mouth. Then it must be removed in our clinic under anesthesia via an incision between the red and white of the lips. This surgical procedure is very effective, the resulting scar is almost invisible, especially if it is over tattooed.

A special form of surgery is the bullhorn lift, It is useful if the upper lip white is too wide. It is shortened by an incision at the transition between nose and upper lip, at the same time the red of the upper lip is taken out and fuller.

If the lips are to be permanently enlarged and modeled, this can be achieved by surgery. For this purpose, a strip of skin and fat is removed from the groin and the lip is pulled in. The transferred tissue grows into the lips and the effect lasts for a very long time.

Follow-up Treatment

After lip formation with hyaluronic acid, the lip swells more or less immediately. One to three days later the swelling is reduced, that is why we order our patients back after one week where you will rediscover their new chin.

During the operation soft food is necessary for one week, Swelling and bruising are then reduced and the stitches are removed.


After injection with hyaluronic acid, there are actually no problems but Incompatibilities are the extreme exception. After an operation there are scars. As mentioned above: They are almost invisible.

When is it not Advisable to Undergo Surgery?

In the case of treatment, whether non-surgical or surgical, the area must be free of infections. If there is herpes, a herpes prophylaxis is necessary for one method as well as for the other.

Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Fund

The costs have to be paid by yourself.

Further Information

The following authors have dealt extensively with this topic: G. Botti, A. Aiache.

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