Chin Correction

A well proportioned and shaped chin is part of a harmonious profile and a beautiful face. The shape of the chin should also give an indication of the personality. It is said that sensitive people and optimists are often equipped with a round chin, while an angular chin radiates dynamism and an angular chin is often found among executives. These characteristics are also attributed to people with a prominent chin, they should not lose sight of their professional goal and work hard for it.

Reshape your face with Chin Correction and Chin Shaping

Don’t take it on the Chin – Chin Corrections

Overview of Chin Extension

Indications for SurgeryMalformed chin
Treatment PeriodOne and a half hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOne night or outpatient stay
Inactive PeriodOne week
Costs2.500,- € for the operation
SportAfter two weeks

What does the Chin Reveal about your Character?

A well proportioned and shaped chin is a crucial part of a beautiful face and the shape of the chin could also give you a clue about the personality of a person. It is said that sensitive people and optimists often have a round chin, while an angular chin radiates dynamism often found among executives. Some of the characteristics of the angular chin are also attributed to people with a prominent chin, they don’t lose sight of their professional goals and always work hard. People with a double chin are said to be extremely friendly and comfortable.

All of these associations belong in the realm of fantasy, but they do exist.

The Chin: The Gateway to a Symmetrical Face

Receding Chin

If the chin is too flat or set back, the face can look like that of a bird which causes the expression of the face to look unattractive due to the lower jaw bone and the mandible being underdeveloped.

This then looks as if the nose and mouth have been pushed forward which causes the face to close its attractiveness and the person affected loses self-confidence.

Plastic surgery, as we practice it in our clinic at Wittenbergplatz in Berlin, can help. Surgical chin augmentation is performed in the case of a receding chin either by moving the chin forward or by inserting a chin implant. In both cases the chin is lengthened, which helps to improve the profile and makes the face appear more prominent and expressive.

Protruding chin

If there is too much chin, it protrudes over the upper and lower lip, the reason for this is that the lower jaw bone, the mandible, is too prominent, which also results in too much skin hanging down.

While in man’s world the prominent chin stands for assertiveness and dominance, i.e. male character traits, for a woman a protruding chin makes the face appear hard and austere.

Depending on how pronounced the chin is and what the person concerned would like to correct in contrast, different possibilities of chin correction are possible in order to positively influence the facial profile.

Double chin

A double chin can have several causes:

  • The skin loses its elasticity with age.
  • After weight loss
  • Fat deposits of unclear origin under the chin

In the media, many exercises and tips are given which should help to positively influence a double chin but if the desired success is not achieved or if the daily exercises for tightening the connective tissue are too complex (both are likely), liposuction or a combination with skin tightening will bring the chin back into shape and ensure well-formed contours.

Causes of an Unsightly Chin Shape

The causes lie in the shape of the facial skull and are therefore congenital, but an accident or head surgery can also be the cause of a displaced chin. Moreover, one-sided muscle strain in connection with tooth misalignment can also cause the chin to change.

The Aim of Treatment is a Beautiful Chin

The goal of a chin operation is a harmonious contour of the chin that matches the silhouette of the profile. To achieve this, there is an imaginary line that should be approximated by the treatment: forehead, upper lip white and chin should lie on a vertical line, this determines the method of surgery.

Procedure of the Treatment

As experts in cosmetic surgery, a detailed consultation before every procedure is important to us, here we discuss all possible treatment options and risks of a chin correction with the patient.

In the case of subprojection, the receding chin, the region must be padded, this is usually done with an implant. An incision is made under anaesthetic to expose the bone, the implant is adapted exactly to the desired shape and inserted to achieve chin augmentation.

It is also possible to replace the missing volume with hyaluronic acid, in this case, the substance is injected into the area where tissue is missing, similar to wrinkle injection. Although, the hyaluronic acid is broken down after some time, so the injection must be repeated.

If a chin reduction is to be performed for a chin that appears too prominent, the bone is exposed through an incision under anaesthetic, the excess is removed with a chisel and the edges are filed nicely into shape.


When our patients are discharged from the clinic, they get everything they need such as painkillers (little, it doesn’t hurt very much), a mobile contact number (just in case), advice and a check-up appointment to take home.

We will then check if everything is healing properly. After two weeks the stitches are removed, after three months the final result is achieved, i.e. the region is usually completely swollen.


When it comes to surgery there is no such thing as “zero risk” but with experienced, good surgeons it is extremely low and the risk of infection is minimal with our treatment methods.

When is Surgery not Advisable?

Severe underlying diseases and local infections prohibit such an operation, any potential dental treatments must be completed.

Costs/Reimbursement by the
Health Insurance Company

The costs of a chin correction are usually to be borne by the patient.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Correction:

What Exactly is a Chin Correction?

A chin correction is an aesthetic operation in which the shape and size of the chin is changed to positively influence the contour and shape of the face. This is possible by means of a chin reduction or chin enlargement in order to achieve a harmonious overall appearance.

What does a Chin Correction Cost?

The cost of a chin correction depends on the treatment method, in the case of a receding chin, for example, the chin is padded with an implant or hyaluronic acid.

In the case of a dominant chin, a reduction of the chin bone can bring the desired success, while liposuction can be considered for the removal of a double chin.

Once the treatment has been determined after the facial analysis, patients will be informed of the costs before the planned operation.

Can you Shrink your Chin?

Yes, of course. Especially for women, chin reductions are carried out, as they suffer from a too conspicuous and prominent chin. The face of these women then appears stern and masculine, a chin reduction helps to achieve soft facial features.

What can you do for a Receding Chin?

The chin is enlarged, i.e. pulled forward, this chin enlargement can be achieved by an implant, hyaluronic acid, the body’s own material or by advancement of the bones, depending on the findings and your wishes.

How is a Double Chin Corrected?

There are many tips and tricks in newspapers and on the Internet that can help you get rid of your double chin. Unfortunately, these exercises usually do not lead to the desired success. We are specialized in plastic surgery and can remove the double chin through various forms of treatment and achieve a good result.

Will I have Pain after a Chin Correction?

As with other operations, after a chin correction, the treated chin area and/or the oral cavity may be sensitive to pressure and pain for a few days. Swelling and haematomas may also occur. Of course, you will receive medication to relieve the pain before your discharge.

How Important is the Experience of the Doctor for a Chin Operation?

Experience in plastic surgery is just as important for chin plastic surgery as for other cosmetic operations. You should therefore inform yourself in detail before the operation – for the sake of your health. In our special clinic in Berlin we will also treat you professionally for the beauty blemish “chin”.