Posterior firming / Bottom surgery

A beautiful body is the dream of woman and man alike. This also includes a well-formed bottom. If it is too small or too flat, it can be gently shaped with the help of plastic surgery, for example with an autologous fat treatment or implants. It is possible to give it more volume or to adapt its shape to your wishes.

Boost your Confidence with a well Shaped Bottom with Posterior Firming

Say no to Saggy Bottoms with a Posterier Firming

Overview of a Butt Modeling

Indications for Surgery
Loss of shape and volume
Treatment PeriodTwo hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOne night
Inactive PeriodTwo to three weeks
Costs3.800,- € for the operation
Post-Treatmentlocal infection protection, relieving posture
SportAfter five weeks

​Every Sexy Body Owns a Beautiful Bottom

Men and women alike all dream of the perfect body, this also includes a well-formed bottom. If it is too small or too flat, it can be gently shaped with the help of plastic surgery either by treating your own fat or by means of implants, by doing so, It is possible to give it more volume or to adapt its shape to how you want.

In order for the buttocks to meet individual requirements, it is not enough for them to have only a certain circumference, it is also important for them to be firm and tight.

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is not only the bottom that matters. It is equally important that the other body contours underline the desired appearance. As an example: a narrow waist is particularly advantageous.

What Causes a Sagging Bottom?

Men and women identify their buttocks as one of the biggest problem areas of their body. If the buttocks are nicely rounded, this increases the attractiveness and looks masculine / feminine. That’s why it is important that you have a well proportioned and firm bottom.

A flawed buttock is one that is flabby, perhaps even with skin folds hanging down, in the long run this circumstance can prove to be a psychological strain. Although this is not a health or medical problem and does not cause any physical discomfort, it is still recommended that the sagging buttocks be taken seriously.

But what exactly makes the buttocks sag? There are several factors that can lead to sagging of the buttocks:

  • Congenital underdevelopment: In some people, the disproportionate buttocks have already been determined at birth. It is difficult to change this condition through your own efforts. In this case, aesthetic medicine can help.
  • Severe weight loss: If excess pounds are lost, the tissue in the buttocks area also begins to slacken. This effect can be observed in many parts of the body, for example on the stomach, breasts or upper arms. Weight gain is accompanied by the formation of (pronounced) fat deposits. The skin stretches over these cushions and is stretched by them. If weight loss occurs again, the skin only slowly and to a limited extent finds its way back to its old shape. Although there are fewer fat deposits, the excess skin has receded only slightly, if at all. It is not only women who have to struggle with the ups and downs of body weight and the associated slackening of the skin, for example after pregnancy or during menopause. It is also the man with a sagging bottom and unsightly skin folds From the age of 30 onwards, the skin begins to change. As the production of collagen and elastin decreases, it loses elasticity and resilience. Nutrients and moisture are no longer stored in the required amount and the skin becomes increasingly saggy. If a lack of exercise and low physical fitness are added to this, this effect is further intensified.
  • Weak connective tissue: Anyone suffering from this is probably also familiar with problems such as cellulite (orange peel skin) or the phenomenon known casually as sagging buttocks.

Training and Buttock Lifting bring the Sagging Buttocks into Shape

An unsightly buttocks lacks fullness, shape and firmness. Through targeted training of the buttocks muscles, you can influence the shape and fullness of the buttocks yourself. There are special exercises that train and grow the region a personal trainer can assist in this area. If this doesn’t accomplish your goals, surgery or cosmetic procedures are also available.

Butt Lift

During this procedure, the excess hanging tissue is removed and the buttocks are shaped to a new beautiful form by modelling. Incisions are made in the gluteal fold, i.e. at a point where there is a step to the thigh anyway and the later scar is not (or hardly) distinguishable from the step, thus takes place under general anaesthesia.

Brazilian Butt Lift

For a permanent buttock enlargement we offer two procedures in our clinic: Buttock augmentation by transfer of the patient’s own fat and buttock implants. Both are performed under general anaesthesia.

1. Brazilian Butt Lift by means of Fat Transfer

During the transfer of autologous fat, fat is gently suctioned off elsewhere, for example at the waist, stomach or thighs. This body fat is then processed and injected into the buttocks to reshape the bottom. This treatment method not only gives you a beautiful, shapely bottom, but also eliminates problem areas through liposuction. With Brazilian butt lift, there is no need to make large incisions in the skin, nor is it necessary to remove any areas of skin.

2. Buttock Augmentation with Butt Implants

Perfect for when very slim patients want an optical enlargement of the buttocks but there is not enough fat reserves on the body. In these cases we can insert silicone implants to form a round and large buttocks. For an optimal result, buttocks implants are available in different sizes and shapes.

Procedure of the Operation

As with every treatment in our clinic, at the beginning there is an intensive explanation of the possibilities and risks of plastic surgery for shaping the buttocks. The buttock treatment takes place under anaesthesia, a night in our clinic is required after the surgery.


When our patients go home from the clinic, they get everything they need: Painkillers (little, it doesn’t hurt much), Our phone number (just in case), advice and a check-up appointment.

We check whether everything is healing properly and after two weeks the stitches can be removed. Until then, you should try to sleep on your stomach or side and put as little strain as possible on your buttocks, the final result can be seen after about three months.

If the buttocks are tightened, there should be no pull on the scar so that it remains fine and inconspicuous. This means that the patient should bend the hips as little as possible, i.e. sit as little as possible, and if you have to sit, do it in a relaxed way.

Risks/Complications of Butt Modeling

When you operate, there’s always risk but if the surgeon knows his trade, the risk is small.

When a buttock lift is performed, there are two risks: Wide scars and infection. The wide scar can be avoided by not sitting in an uncomfortable position. The risk of possible infection after a buttock lift is reduced by using antiseptic ointments after the operation and removing them before the procedure.

If during fat transfer, all the transferred fat never grows, a second transplantation is possible.

If butt implants have been inserted, hardening around the implants may occur very rarely. This can be treated.

When is the Procedure not Advisable?

Serious underlying diseases prohibit a butt lift. If the patient is very overweight, an optimum result will not be possible.

Reimbursement of Costs by the Health Insurance Company

Butt- Enlargements and tightening belong to the aesthetic plastic surgery and so insurance won’t cover the procedure.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What Butt Shapes are there?

As in so much of life, nature is the inspiration for the appropriate butt shapes:

The Nectarine

A buttocks in this form corresponds to the ideal form, It is round, small and firm. This coveted buttocks shape is rarely found in its natural form, only every tenth person has it.

The Tomato

Like its namesake, the tomato bottom is plump and round, similar to the real tomato, it is not as crunchy. Compared to the nectarine butt, it is found in more than 40 percent of people.

The Potato

The classic characteristic of the potato butt is that it is wide and large. These characteristics are present at around 30 percent.

The Apple – the Butt with Sex Appeal

It is round and the tight butt cheeks are sexy crisp. It’s not surprising that this butt shape is in demand. Without much training and packed into appropriate pants, it is the epitome of the sexy bottom.

The Pear

Like the natural model, the pear bum is fuller at the bottom and narrows towards the hips at the top.

What is Meant by a Butt Magnification?

Buttock augmentation combines various surgical methods to give the buttocks more volume and size to tighten them. The body’s own fat can be used for this but buttock implants are also used.

This is a procedure that is intended to meet high aesthetic demands. Not only young people, but also patients who are older, have these beauty treatments performed on themselves. In a detailed consultation we will be happy to inform you about the different possibilities.

Who is a Brazilian Butt Lift Suitable for?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a method of butt augmentation. The aim is to contour the buttocks and give the body area more volume. It is also known as a butt lift. As this term suggests, buttock lifting is part of butt shaping.

Lipofilling is not suitable for everyone, Larger amounts of fat are needed for shaping In order to achieve a satisfactory enlargement of the buttocks, there is often not enough of the body’s own fat available for particularly slim patients. As an alternative to the autologous fat method, a buttock augmentation by means of implants can be considered.

Is there Anything to Consider Before the Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • The Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure and your body needs time to adapt to the new situation. There are some things that need to be taken into account:
  • Do any physically demanding tasks before the procedure.
  • Set up your personal recovery area.
  • After the procedure, you should sleep on your stomach or side. Do you need a special pillow for this?
  • After the Brazilian butt lift your buttocks will swell.
  • Prepare loose clothing. After the operation there will be a leakage of wound water, therefore, old sweatpants and old towels are ideal. They are used as a sitting and lying surface for the first few days.
  • Preparation is important: After the operation you will probably not feel like cooking or shopping. A balanced, healthy diet with an adequate calorie intake is important.

Can the Brazilian Butt Lift be Reversed with Fat Transfer?

No. Fat transfer is permanent and cannot be reversed. The situation is different with implants, which can theoretically be removed.

Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Prevent Cellulite?

The female sex hormone estrogen ensures that pads and dents are formed on the buttocks and thighs, In technical jargon this is known as cellulite. Brazilian Butt Lift reduces this condition, not eliminates it.

When will the Result be Visible?

You can see the difference immediately.

In the first weeks after the operation, the healing process of the fat cells takes place, after about eight weeks, the result can be considered final.

Please note that the suctioned areas may need more time to subside, the skin also needs time to adapt to the changed conditions.

How long does a Brazilian Butt Lift with own fat last?

Brazilian Butt Lifting is a method with a lifelong effect.

Can I Prevent a Sagging Butt Myself?

Yes, with the right training and a balanced and healthy diet you can do your part.

Which Exercises Help to Keep a Firm Butt?

  • In addition to a healthy diet, it is important to build up the gluteal muscles and thus bring the buttocks into a better shape.There are some exercises that you can do completely without equipment. Thanks to their simple execution, it is easy to integrate them into your everyday life:
  • Buttock Press
  • Squats
  • Leg lift to the back
  • Step ups or climbing stairs

How Much does a Butt Enlargement Cost?

The exact pricing depends on your individual wishes and the associated effort. In our clinic at Wittenbergplatz in Berlin, the costs range from 3,500 to 5,500 euros. We will be happy to tell you the exact price in a consultation.

Who in Germany is Allowed to do a Butt Enlargement?

This treatment is a surgical procedure, It is not a medical necessity and is often purely for aesthetic reasons.

In Germany, any licensed physician may perform such operations, for this reason, the choice of the surgeon and the clinic is extremely important. Because only if the attending physician has the necessary experience can the desired results be achieved and the risk be kept small.

Do you have Pain After the Brazilian Butt Lift?

If the procedure is performed with your own fat, it is a rather manageable procedure. In order to make the operation itself painless for you, we carry out the butt modelling under general anaesthesia.

After the treatment, muscle soreness can occur, especially in the area where the fat was removed. As a rule, they will subside by themselves after a short time.

How is a Buttock Enlargement with your own Fat Performed?

This method of buttock lifting consists of several treatment steps. Before you decide on a particular treatment method, a detailed consultation takes place in advance. We will explain to you the different possibilities of buttock lifting. During the operation, we remove fatty tissue from other parts of the body. The liposuctioned fat cells must be processed in the next step. For the actual modelling, they are injected at the desired sites.

Are there Advantages over Implants?

The advantage of using your own fat cells: This is the body’s own tissue. The body recognizes them as such even after implantation in the new environment. Allergic reactions or a possible rejection are thus excluded. Buttock implants, however, are foreign bodies. When they are used, rare side effects are possible.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Dangerous?

Like any surgery, it has risks.

Reinjection is risky if the fat cells are injected into the wrong level, i.e. into the muscle and not into the subcutis. For this reason, you as a patient should only place yourself in the hands of experienced surgeons who are up to date with their knowledge.

Do Creams Increase the Size of the Buttocks?

There is a wide range of products on the market that are associated with the promise of buttock enlargement. The selection ranges from buttocks creams to pills and food supplements.

Manufacturers of these creams recommend that you apply them regularly to your bottom and the skin absorbs the ingredients. As a result, the growth of fatty tissue should be stimulated and the storage of fat in the buttocks increased. This is nonsense and cannot work. The products help the manufacturer, not you.

Do I Feel the Butt Enlargement when Sitting?

With the own-fat treatment, the body’s own fat cells are injected again. The tissue feels soft and natural. However, sitting can be somewhat painful for a few weeks until the fat cells have grown in. After that you will not feel any difference.

If implants are used to shape the buttocks, they will be noticeable at first, and the feeling will also differ when sitting. Once the healing process is complete, the implants will fit harmoniously into your everyday life and you will no longer notice them.

Will Scars Remain Visible After the Operation?

Enlargement or tightening with autologous fat leaves almost no visible scars. In order to insert the cannulas for suction into the area, small punctures of four millimetres in size are made in an inconspicuous place. The puncture points of the hollow needle/cannula are later only visible on closer inspection.

When enlarged with implants, the scar is 4 cm long and can be seen as a line at the upper edge of the gluteal fold.