Autologous fat can be used to compensate for contour disorders of the body.
The fat required for this is obtained by liposuction, i.e. it is gently suctioned off at another part of the body, prepared and injected into the defect.

Make your Face Look Fresher with Wrinkle Treatment – Liposuction

Fight Against Ageing with Lipofilling

Overview of own Fat Transplantation

Indications for SurgeryLoss of volume on cheeks, temples, etc.
Treatment Period1 hour
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOutpatient stay or one night inpatient stay
Inactive PeriodOne week for public appearances
Costs1.500 – 3.000 €
SportAfter four weeks

Why Transfer your own Fat to the Face?

Transferring one’s own fat pads the skin on the face, compensates for lost, reduced volume and makes the face look fresher, healthier and more attractive.

The required fat is obtained by liposuction, i.e. gently suctioned off at another part of the body, processed and injected under the skin, this procedure is an alternative to treatment with hyaluronic acid.

The Aging of the Skin

There are both intrinsic and extrinsic factors when it comes to the ageing of the skin. While intrinsic skin aging is not influenced by external factors, external factors can play a decisive role in extrinsic aging.

Around the age of 25, the cell division of the skin starts to slow down, this results in structural skin changes and a decrease in the effectiveness of the cell functions.

As the skin ages, the tissue structure changes. This has the following consequences:

  • The skin loses thickness, collagen and fat diminishes: In the subcutaneous tissue, existing fat cells, elastin and collagen fibres are reduced. The body also produces less and less hyaluronic acid, as the interlocking of the epidermis and dermis is also reduced, this also influences the blood circulation. The skin becomes thinner overall, it is less elastic and there is a loss of volume and elasticity.
  • As a result, the water binding capacity of the collagen along with the production of natural moisturizing functions is reduced. This leads to dryness and the skin has an increased tendency to form wrinkles.
  • Due to the reduced blood circulation, the skin cells receive less nutrients and oxygen. This also slows down their regeneration. As a result, the skin loses its youthful glow.
  • The supporting apparatus of the tissue gives way, it sinks.
  • The subcutaneous fat loses volume.
  • The bones of the head and face are restructured.

Oxidative stress also plays a decisive role in the extrinsic skin aging. Factors such as:

  • UV rays (sunlight, solarium),
  • Poor diet
  • Alcohol
  • Environmental factors

These promote the formation of free radicals in the body, if they are present in excessive numbers, the aggressive molecules contribute to an acceleration of the skin ageing process.

Wrinkle Formation due to Changes in the Tissue Structure

As a natural consequence of the progressive skin aging process, changes in the skin and tissue structure occur, if the skin has become thin, it tends to develop wrinkles and fine lines.

With the reduced amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, it loses the ability to store the much needed moisture and if the water binding capacity decreases, it gives the face a tired, look. Furthermore the tissue sinks, wrinkles, cheeks and dark circles appear, the face becomes more elongated and the bones of the face become more visible.

Wrinkle Injection (Lipofilling) in the Face with the Body’s own Fat

For most people, body fat is unwanted and ugly but iIn aesthetic medicine it is an important commodity. It is used to replenish volume where it seems necessary, this can be wrinkles in the face, retracted scars or sunken backs of the hands. The lips also gain more volume with a filler made from the body’s own fat.

Transferred and autologous fat transfers to the skin on the face helps in compensating for lost, reduced volume and making the face look fresher, healthier and more attractive. The required fat is obtained by liposuction, i.e. gently suctioned off at another part of the body, processed and injected under the skin.

Advantages of this type of wrinkle treatment

In technical jargon, autologous fat, i.e. fat produced naturally in the body, is readily available and best of all, doesn’t cost anything. It is therefore possible to remove it gently from your body by an experienced expert in our clinic in Berlin. After preparation, it is injected again at the desired location. Only people who are extremely thin, may find it hard to discover a suitable place for fat removal.

The fat is taken from your body so does not recognise it as a foreign body, furthermore, an autologous fat transplantation does not involve any risk of allergic reactions, nodules or rejection.

The starting material consists of mature fat cells (adipocytes), capillaries, extracellular matrix and the stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and fat stem cells are integrated into this. They are particularly present in nanofat in appropriate concentrations. The extraordinary thing about these cells: They have regenerative properties and can thus lead to a long-lasting improvement of the skin’s own structure.

Since they are endogenous cells, a large proportion of the implanted cells grow back into their new environment and depending on the desired volume, several treatments may be necessary. Fillers containing hyaluronic acid or similar preparations require regular re-injections, this is unnecessary when injecting the body’s own fat.

The injected fat is retained to a large extent (between 75% and 45%), this makes the skin look smoother and fresher for longer.

What Results can be Expected with an Autologous Fat Injection?

Wrinkle treatment with the body’s own fat is not a magic cure but nevertheless, the possibilities offered by these fillers are extensive. The fat cells are injected exactly where they are needed, this gives the face a younger and more youthful appearance. It is also possible to compensate for asymmetries or irregularities, for example those that have arisen from previous operations.

The following can be achieved with this procedure:

  • The transferred fat cushions the tissue and the number of wrinkles decreases and the volume increases, killing two birds with one stone.
  • The face can be shaped. It is possible to enhance certain regions, for example the tissue above the zygomatic bone.
  • Extreme athletes, such as marathon runners and triathlon athletes, have hardly any body fat. Not even on the face. The little fat they have can be transferred.

How Does an Injection with your own Fat (Lipotransfer) Fight Against Wrinkles?

In the preoperative consultation we define what can be achieved with this method and what is important to us and you the patient.

First of all, the body’s own fat is extracted by suction, this must be done carefully so as not to damage the fat cells. The fat is usually removed from the abdomen and waist but removal in the skin fold on the buttocks is also possible. For this purpose, tiny and therefore inconspicuous incisions are made in the area where the fat is removed. with the help of special cannulas.

In addition to classic liposuction, the WAL method (water jet-based liposuction) has also proven effective. This procedure is extremely gentle on the sensitive fat cells and allows an improved growth rate to be achieved. In order to prevent damage to the fat cells, the suction is performed with the lowest possible negative pressure.

Following the removal and careful preparation, the fat is transferred to the target area, this is called lipofilling.

Depending on where the wrinkles are that are being targeted, different filter systems are used, which means the fat can be obtained with the correct thickness. While more volume is required for buttock or breast augmentation, for wrinkle injections in the face it is important to inject the injected fat as finely and precisely as possible. If the fat particles are too coarse, there is a risk that they will shimmer through yellowish in areas of extremely thin skin, for example around the eyelids.

During the procedure, more fat than necessary needs to be transferred for modeling purposes because about a quarter of the fat does not grow. If not enough fat is used, another operation is necessary to correct the oversight. A nice side effect is that the fat removal site becomes more shapely due fat being removed.

Duration of the Lipotransfer Treatment

This treatment consists of various individual steps, first the body’s own fat must be removed and processed. Once it has reached the appropriate viscosity or particle size, it is reinjected into the areas to be treated, this process takes about one hour, depending on the extent of treatment

Aftercare for a Wrinkle Correction using Lipotransfer

Many patients decide to have general anaesthetic, when the patient comes round, they can stay in our clinic after the procedure or go home.

The face will swell after the autologous fat transfer and bruising is possible, decongestant medication and upright posture help to reduce these effects. It will take a few days until the swelling and/or bruises have subsided.

It takes up to three months before the final result can be seen, then you should be able to tell whether you need further treatments. A little patience is required, as the body needs time to permanently integrate the injected fat cells into the new environment.

After completion of the treatments, the result remains visible for many years.

What are the Risks Associated with Autologous Fat Treatment?

There are never any guarantees when undergoing surgery that the risk will be zero but in the case of autologous fat treatments, the risks are very minimal.

When is a Volume Treatment (Lipotransfer) not Recommended?

If there is no fat to transfer, i.e. the patients are very thin, one should use hyaluronic acid to shape the face. Infections of the facial skin also prohibit this procedure.

Are the Costs Covered by Health Insurance?

lipotransfer is designed for refreshing and rejuvenating the appearance of the face, as there is no medical need for this health insurance will not pay for this procedure.

Important Criteria for Clinic Selection

For an optimal procedure and the best results, you need to ensure:

  • Extensive experience
  • Professional qualifications
  • The greatest possible care from the doctor and the medical staff as well as safe and high-quality operating theatres

The incorporation of your own fat is a relatively simple procedure, by using the body’s own substance, the risk of complications is low. Nevertheless, the procedure should only be performed by experienced surgeons, our experienced and well-trained specialists ensure that sufficient amounts of fat are incorporated in exactly the places where it is needed.

When choosing a clinic, you must keep this questions in mind:

  • How easy is it to reach the clinic?
  • Is the medical equipment up to date?
  • Do surgeons/specialist personnel have sufficient experience?
  • Are the standards for hygiene and cleanliness maintained at all times?
  • Do you trust the doctor in charge?
  • Are there evaluations and/or experience reports?

Who in Germany is Allowed to Carry out an Autologous Fat Injection?

In order to reduce or even remove facial wrinkles, plastic surgery offers various procedures. In Germany, only licensed physicians and alternative practitioners are allowed to inject appropriate dermal fillers, it does not matter whether this is done by a urologist, a paediatrician or an internist.

In order to minimize the risks associated with these procedures, you as a patient should place great value on an experienced surgeon. A surgeon who has sufficient experience and knows the exact structure of the skin, knows the course of the blood vessels and nerve tracts. Who is also able to optimally determine the requirements and the degree of fineness of the prepared fat cells.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Autologous Fat Injections:

How do Wrinkles on the Face Develop?

Wrinkle formation is a completely natural process in the human body, sooner or later every person is affected by it. The dermis undergoes the most serious change as iIt contains collagen peptides and elastin, which give the skin elasticity, resilience and youthful radiance.

With every passing year of life, the production of these important substances in the dermis slows down. In the subcutaneous tissue, the water and fat content is also reduced and the skin loses volume. Daily facial expressions and the force of gravity also contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

What Accelerates Skin Aging?

There are people whose skin seems to remain almost wrinkle-free into old age, while there are others who have a face that looks like a cliff face with deep furrows. All this is determined by genes, whether or not the skin is primarily thick or thin, though personal lifestyle and nutrition can also accelerate the ageing process.

Personal factors such as a diet low in vital substances and/or one-sided nutrition, permanent stress as well as things like frequent lack of sleep and too little exercise have a negative effect on the human skin. They result in a lack of oxygen supply to the skin, which accelerates the natural ageing of the skin. If regular alcohol consumption and/or smoking is added to this, it acts like a turbo for wrinkle formation.

What Stops Skin Ageing?

Nothing! However this does not mean that it’s not possible to slow down the process and to reduce or eliminate the visible signs by an appropriate lifestyle and treatment, for example with the body’s own fat.

What are the Requirements for an Autologous Fat Injection?

In principle, everyone is suitable for an autologous fat treatment. However, an important prerequisite is a good state of health as well as an appropriate amount of body fat.

There are some things that prevent or hinder the treatment from taking place:

  • The taking of strongly blood-thinning medication: If it is possible, the possibility of discontinuing these medications before surgery should be considered.
  • Smoking: To prevent circulatory problems and problems with wound healing, smokers should stop smoking two weeks before the operation. Patients who are unable or unwilling to do so are not suitable for such wrinkle treatment.
  • Extremely thin patients: In this case it is very difficult or impossible to find a suitable site for liposuction.
  • Old age: In patients at an advanced age, the natural aging process is already well advanced, iIn this case results can be achieved with other methods.

How Long does the Wrinkle Correction Last After an own Fat Treatment (Lipofilling)?

In addition to reducing wrinkles, one of the aims is to ensure that as many of the injected fat cells as possible grow completely into the new environment. Once this is done, they remain there permanently, this results in a lifelong effect, however, this does not stop the natural ageing of the skin.

How long does it take for the fat cells to grow after an injection?

The exact time until the fat cells have grown in the new environment varies from patient to patient. In general, the cells need about six weeks for their complete integration.

Which Wrinkles are Suitable for Volume Enhancement?

The following areas are suitable for lipofilling:

  • Nasolabial folds: Wrinkles on the left and right side of the nose. Just like sunken cheeks, they are caused by a loss of volume / slipping of the tissue.
  • Frown lines: They form on the lower part of the forehead between the eyebrows. These wrinkles can be additionally replenished after a successful Botulinum blockade by the body’s own fat injections.
  • Cheeks: A filling out of the hollow cheeks.

Which Preliminary Examinations are Necessary for Lipofilling?

Before we carry out a treatment in our clinic in Berlin, we first have a detailed consultation where we will explain to you the different possibilities of wrinkle treatment and then inspect the area in need of treatment.

Once the decision for a specific procedure has been made, you will receive all the information you need including possible risks and limitations of the procedure.

In order to get a picture of the distribution of fat deposits, an inaugural examination is necessary, as the elasticity of the skin, muscle tone and connective tissue play an important role, an assessment is also made here. The following factors are also relevant:

  • Eating habits
  • Physical activity
  • Body weight change
  • All medications that are currently being taken

Where is the Patient’s Fat Taken for Injection?

Suitable collection points are the abdomen, thighs or waist, the surgeon makes small punctures and extracts the required amount of fat from the tissue with the help of special blunt cannulas. We also make sure that no visible traces such as dents or the like remain at the removal point.

What is the Healing Process like with an Autologous Fat Transplantation?

The body’s own cells are used for wrinkle treatment, this means the implanted cells can grow back into the new body environment to a large extent. Up to 75% of the injected fat cells are permanently preserved.

Will there be Pain when Having an Autologous Fat Injection?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure but the patient will feel little to no pain due to the gentle nature of the procedure.

Swelling will occur after the treatment, in addition to muscle soreness at the removal sites. If necessary, they can be treated with simple medication, cooling pads can also help to reduce the swelling.

What Aesthetic Effects do Drooping Eyelids have?

Drooping eyelids can make a face look tired and old.

If you make contact with a person, the first place you tend to look are the eyes. They are the primary and important means of communication and make a first and important impression.

Eyes can appear awake, attentive, present, radiant and youthful or tired, worn out, old and sad. This is why they are so important for our appearance to the outside world and our self-perception.

How many Treatments are Necessary for a Volume Treatment with an Autologous Fat Treatment?

The exact number of treatments depends on your wishes and how extensive the modelling is, it also depends on how many fat cells can be permanently integrated into the new environment.

About a quarter of the injected quantity does not grow. In order to achieve the desired result, a larger amount of fat is therefore usually transferred. If this is still not sufficient, another operation is possible/necessary.

How Long can it Take Until I am Back to Normal Again after a Wrinkle Injection with my own fat?

As soon as 24 hours after the procedure you can shower again as usual and as a rule, patients are presentable again after about a week.

Physically strenuous activities, such as sports, are possible after about four weeks. Avoid visits to the sauna and/or solarium and strong sunlight in the weeks following the procedure.

When can I Start using Make-up Again?

If these fillers were used to treat facial wrinkles, you should refrain from using decorative cosmetics for about a week.

How Long does the Results of this Wrinkle Therapy Last?

With this method, the body’s own fat cells are implanted into a new location, they should grow together with the existing tissue in the new environment. In contrast to dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid or other substances, permanent results can be achieved with an autologous fat method.

Of course, the filling of wrinkles does not stop the natural skin aging process. Its visible consequences are merely eliminated or reduced.

What Side Effects can Occur with your own Fat Treatments?

Temporary swelling and redness are among the usual side effects of the procedure, these can occur at the injection site as well as at the fat removal site. In rare cases it can lead to sensory disturbances, cysts, lipogranulomas (form of a benign tumour after injection/implantation), contour irregularities, wound infections in the filling or removal area and in very rare cases scarring.

What is the Cost of Volume Increase Through Lipofilling with Autologous Fat?

The exact costs of volume build-up depends on various factors, as a rule, they amount to 1,500 € to 3,000 €. Depending on the extent of the liposuction, the areas from which the body fat is removed and the extent to which the prepared fatty tissue is implanted, the costs can vary individually.

In our clinic in Berlin, we will be happy to give you the exact price for your individual wrinkle treatment after a detailed consultation and examination.