Breast Asymmetry

The breast (Latin mamma) as an expression of femininity and attractiveness should be beautiful and feminine. Symmetry belongs to beauty. There is no such thing as perfect symmetry, nature has never envisaged it, but breasts should be similar or nearly the same.

Even out your Figure with Breast Asymmetry

Say Goodbye to Asymmetrical Breasts

Overview of Breast Asymmetry

Indications for SurgeryDifferent shape / size of breasts
Treatment PeriodOne to four hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOne night
Inactive PeriodOne to two weeks
Costs1.500,- to 5.000,- € for the operation
Post-Treatmentspecial bra, controls
SportAfter two to four weeks

Symmetrical Irregularity of Female Breasts

The breast as an expression of femininity and attractiveness and should be beautiful and feminine. Perfect symmetry does not exist in nature but the breasts should be similar or almost the same.

If they are unequal, this restricts a woman, especially psychologically: she does not like to undress, her intimate life suffers and she might not like her figure.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetric breasts are usually congenital. With puberty they develop and form: right regular, left not. Or vice versa.

An asymmetry or augmentation can also be the result of an operation.

There are one-sided malformations, e.g. Poland’s syndrome, in which the breasts develop differently. On the affected, malformed side, the large pectoral muscle (pectoralis major muscle) may also be missing, and the hand may also be affected.

Another one-sided malformation is the tubular breast, also called trunk breast.

Exactly Symmetrical Female Breasts are Rare

With the unequal breast there is a more beautiful / and a not beautiful side. They differ from each other in their shape and/or size. The asymmetry and the size difference will remain and will not improve by itself …

Aim of the Treatment for Breast Asymmetry

The goal is a breast (and a nipple) where one comes as close as possible to the other. In the ideal case, symmetry is achieved, but, as I said, symmetry was not intended by nature …

Procedure of the Treatment

There are different forms of breast surgery, depending on how pronounced the differences are left – right. the aim is to conceal the differences.

If the differences are small, a breast correction around the nipple (perimamillary tightening) can be sufficient. On this occasion, the nipples can also be operated on at the same time.

If the differences are greater, the tissue inside the breast is redistributed. Differences in size of more than one cup size are compensated with implants. This means that on the small side among other things a breast enlargement takes place.

If the larger breast is to be adjusted to the smaller one, the larger one is reduced in size: this means, among other things, breast reduction.
Combinations of the various procedures are possible and frequent.
After the operation, our patients stay on our ward, located in Germany, for one night

Follow-up Treatment

When our patients go home, they get everything they need: A special bra (the breasts must be held, the weight cushioned), painkillers (little, it doesn’t hurt very much), my mobile number (just in case), good tips and advice as well as check-ups.

After two weeks the stitches are removed, three months after the breast surgery the final result is achieved, i.e. if the region is completely swollen


Scars are necessary consequence of such a correction, they usually become less conspicuous. If not, there are various ways to remedy the situation: surgery, laser or medical tattooing.

When is it not Advisable to Undergo Surgery?

Serious underlying diseases prohibit breast surgery. Infections in the operating area must first be treated.

Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Company

As a rule, the costs are to be borne by the patient. In the case of pronounced malformations, an application can be made for reimbursement of costs.