Breast Implants & Enlargements for Women

Lack of Femininity due to Small Breasts?

Overview of Breast Enlargement (Silicone Implants)


Indications for SurgeryCongenital underdevelopment: Hypoplasia, Congenital malformation: Dysplasia, aplasia, Acquired disorder of form after pregnancy, weight loss: ptosis. After tumor – OP: asymmetry, Lack of harmony between chest and body
Treatment PeriodOne to one and a half hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOne night in our German Clinic
Inactive PeriodOne to two weeks
Costs5.000,- € plus bed, anesthesia and VAT.
Post-TreatmentRegular checks, last check after three months, Special bra
SportAfter four weeks


Beautiful Breasts – The Symbol of Femininity

A woman’s breast has always been a symbol of femininity and an important part of feminine charisma and perception, both for herself and for others. A beautifully formed breast that is large enough and appropriately proportioned is a dream for many women.

Cause of Unattractive Breasts

There are both congenital and acquired causes of an unattractive breast,

congenital causes Include:

Aplasia: A breast is not created.
Hypoplasia: The breast is very small and does not fit the body.

The tuberous or tubular breast: Here the breast has a tubular shape and usually the nipples have prolapsed

The Poland syndrome: One side of the breast is smaller, much smaller or not formed. In addition, the large pectoral muscle can be completely or partially absent in this malformation.

Malformations of the nipples: They can be much too large

Acquired causes include:

  • Form disorders after pregnancy
  • weight loss
  • tumour surgery

Psychological Stress as a Result of Unhappiness with the Breasts

If one of the disorders listed above is present, they are permanent and do not correct themselves but Plastic surgery can help to solve the problem.

Psychological impairments as a result are possible: The woman does not feel like a fully-fledged / complete woman and she may experience problems with the opposite sex for example: May feel uncomfortable undressing in front of people / partner etc.

The Aim of the Treatment is to Increase the Volume of the Bust

The aim is a feminine, beautifully shaped breast that is large enough and appropriately proportioned.

The scars that occur during the operation will be as inconspicuous as possible.

The Procedure

This aim can be achieved with the following procedures:

  • With a silicone implant
  • With own fat
  • With the transfer of other body tissue, i.e. a flap, stalked or microvascular.

The silicone implants or enlargements is the most commonly used treatment for breast enlargement. It is usually inserted behind the large pectoral muscle, the pectoralis major muscle, via an incision in the submammary fold. Care is taken to ensure that the enlarged breast looks round, harmonious and symmetrical to the other side.

They’re are anatomical, i.e. drop-shaped and round implants. Depending on the desired shape , one chooses one or the other.

After the breast operation, the stretched pectoral muscle will be the main cause of discomfort but we have a motto at Beauty pro: If you want to be beautiful, you don’t have to suffer!

That is why our patients receive a pain plan in our clinic, i.e. pain tablets and pain drops automatically every two hours which blocks the pain before it develops.

You can also enlarge a breast with your own fat, to do so, you have to consider the following things:

There must be enough fat that can be transferred, for example; there may not be enough fat in very slim women.

Usually the procedure has to be repeated because not all of the transferred fat increases. Enlargement with other body tissue, i.e. a flap, can only be considered for restoration after a cancer operation.

If the shape of the breast remains unattractive after enlargement, an additional breast lift must be performed. If breast implants alone are not sufficient to form beautiful breasts, two treatments in one are necessary.

Interventions on the nipple can take place on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia: Our patient arrives, we operate, she goes home with all the necessary things and comes back the next day for a check-up.

Follow-up Treatment

After breast augmentation, the patient will need to wear a special bra for six weeks, which they will receive from us. If necessary, a Stuttgart belt is also worn which holds the implants in place.

The stitches can be removed after two weeks.

The upper half of the body must not be subjected to strenuous activities for about four weeks, otherwise the prostheses could slip.