Fight the Signs of Ageing with Medical Needling / Micro Needling

Microneedling – Just a Beauty Trend?

Overview of a Treatment by Needling


Indications for Surgeryskin aging / wrinkles, stretch marks, scars
Treatment Period30 – 60 minutes
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOut-patient
Inactive Period1 week
Costs1500 – 2800 € plus material (approx. 350 €) and anesthesia (approx. 350 €)
Post-TreatmentIndependent daily application of cream for 3 months, follow-up checks after 1 and 2 weeks, 3 and 6 months
SportAfter 2 weeks

Needles can Stimulate Collagen Production

Whether causes come from the outside or from the inside, skin changes as you get older

Causes for a Stricken Skin Appearance

There is a whole industry that fights the signs aging in the skin: It produces creams, ointments, lotions etc. to positively influence and reduce the effects of aging. Some of these substances undoubtedly work, but they have clear limits. In addition, new “revolutionary” processes are developed approximately every six months to solve the problem “definitively”. With medical needling (micro needling), things are different. Medical needling and micro needling are synonymous terms. However, micro needling is occasionally used for the ambulatory variant, i.e. with short needles without anaesthesia. It intervenes causally in the change process of the skin by forming new, healthy collagen using Collagen-Induction Therapy.

The Reasons for Skin Changes

There are external and internal causes of such skin changes: The outer skin is overstretched: The skin is overstretched and its structural elements (collagen) tear as a result for example, during pregnancy or heavy weight gain. Stretch marks can develop or the skin is injured and heals and the result is a scar with a different type of collagen, which has completely different characteristics: This tissue is bulging, hard, broad and irregular. The inner skin ages: It gets wrinkles and within this framework, collagen, among other things, changes: it loses its structure and recedes, becomes thinner.

Aim of the Micro Needling Treatments

When a skin has been overstretched, stretch marks are formed. They are the result of overstretched, torn fibres, like an overstretched rubber band: it can no longer return to its original tension. With scars, the problem is different: the collagen present before the injury is destroyed and filled by replacement tissue, the scar, the procedure is also well suited for acne scars. The following mechanisms are effective in skin ageing: reduction of elastic tissue, moisture content, thickness, holding structures of the skin.

Aim of the Treatments

The aim of the treatments is to achieve the formation of new, elastic collagen (type IV). And that’s what it does. This makes the skin tighter (a real tightening), firmer, stretch marks less, scars softer, smoother and less visible.

Procedure of the Treatments

Medical Needling (Micro-Needling) is a real intervention and consists of pre-treatment, surgery and post-treatment. The pre-treatment consists of applying a daily lotion of vitamin A and E to the affected skin for four weeks. Then comes the operation: With a Dermaroller, which is three centimetres wide, measures two centimetres through and is equipped with many small sharp needles, is rolled with force from all directions over the skin area. This takes place until punctiform bleeding occurs everywhere and stimulates the formation of new collagen. Immediately afterwards, after using the Dermaroller, the surgeon applies the vitamin lotion, which can then penetrate perfectly into the skin via the small punctiform skin openings. The area is then covered with a moist compress. After the anaesthesia has subsided, the patient goes home with all the materials, information and my mobile number which we provide.

Follow-up Treatment

After the operation, the areas treated with medical needling, microneedling must be covered with a damp cloth for three days, then they swell and the redness disappears. For the next three months, they must continue to be creamed daily with vitamin lotion. It makes sense to keep the skin in shape with a gentle roller, which penetrates less deeply and can be used without anaesthesia.


The risks and possible complications are negligible, it is possible that the skin can become infected but with correct treatment after the operation, this can be ruled out.

When is it not Advisable to Undergo Surgery?

Medical needling naturally has its limits. If the skin is severely overstretched / aged, only surgical tightening can help. If, for example, an apron has formed on the abdomen and hangs over, the method is overstrained. However, for moderate wrinkles, stretch marks and extensive scars visible changes will be achieved with the Dermaroller equipped with needles, the intervention will have been worth it.

Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Company

The costs have to be paid by yourself.

Further Information

The following German author has dealt extensively with the topic: Matthias Aust. He has published about it scientifically and comprehensibly.