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The treatment rooms

Your visit to the Privatklinik am Wittenbergplatz

An esthetic-surgical treatment Is based on a relationship of mutual trust . To us, it is important that you feel comfortable here with us and know exactly what to expect. In the following we would like to introduce you to some situations typical of the Privatklinik am Wittenbergplatz.

Your counseling interview

Petra Kleber, our friendly clinic manager, is the first person of our team you will get to know. She will give you a short interview and compile your personal and clinical data. Then Mrs. Kleber will show you to our waiting-room lounge where you may wait relaxed with a cup of coffee for Prof. Dr. Frank W. Peter, who will come to pick you up in person.

Prof. Peter will thoroughly discuss all your questions and illustratively outline the entire therapeutic procedure . An individual therapy plan will be made for you. All steps will be decided upon together. Minor therapies—such as a simple subcutaneous injection—can be done directly afterwards, if you want.

Your day of treatment

This is your big day. Perhaps a family member or a good friend will accompany you to the clinic. Petra Kleber will receive you and discuss with you the last organizational details. Then Prof. Peter will have a short talk with you. At this point, you still have the opportunity to ask any question you like. Then the esthetical-surgical procedure will be marked up. This is fundamental to the therapy and takes place before anesthesia. After the mark up, a ward nurse will bring you to your room, where our anesthetist, either Dr. Gnamm or Dr. Zorn, will welcome you and explain again the details of your narcosis. Now all preparations are completed. You will be comprehensively informed, know the precise procedure of your therapy, and feel confident.

After treatment

You will wake up from general anesthesia free of pain shortly after surgery is over. Because our principle is: “Beauty knows NO pain.” To ensure that this stay that way, you will receive medication against potential pain automatically and on a regular basis in the further course. Directly after awakening, you will be brought to your beautiful room, where you will be received by our war nurse who will ask you how you are and answer to your requests. Prof. Peter will look after you and convince himself that everything is in good shape. While you just relax and let us take care of you.


We are happy to help.


We are happy to help.