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Tissue tightening

If you aren’t 20 anymore the elasticity and tension of your tissues will decrease. Especially after pregnancy and after strong weight loss, the ability of the skin to adapt itself to the new slender situation and retract might be overtaxed.

But the skin can give in and become unpleasant even without these causes.

That is bad news … The good news is: Something can be done about it!

Excess tissue, i.e. of skin and/or fat, might appear especially in the abdomen, in the upper arms and legs.

Abdomen, upper arms and legs are affected

Before surgery, it must be determined how large the excess tissue really is and of which tissue types it is composed of (skin and/or fat). Then a treatment concept will be devised. It will depend—naturally—on the prevailing specific situation:

— If there is “only” too much skin “only” skin will be removed. This is especially the case with the upper arms. If we were to additionally remove fat (liposuction) we would make things worse: The skin would hang loose even more.

Skin and fat can be too much

Two things might apply to your thighs: a pure excess of fat, especially on the outsides. This condition is often referred to as “jodhpur thighs”. Or on the insides as well: Here classical liposuction will help. The problem will be solved, lastingly. If the skin should additionally display wrinkles and full, unshapely thighs, a surgical thigh lift must be taken into consideration.

—If there is both too much skin and too much fat then we will have to cut it away. Typical is an unshapely tummy: the tissue sags, forms an apron (panniculus) and is well underlain with fat. Then abdominal wall surgery will be the method of choice, i.e. an abdominoplasty. The resulting scar may be quite long and necessary for such an operation, but you will be more than compensated by a good result.

If the amount of excess tissue is less a mini abdominoplasty will usually do the job. In this case the scar will be shorter and lies only above the pubic area.


We are happy to help.


We are happy to help.