The 3 Pillars of Beauty Pro

Plastic surgery

In plastic surgery, operations are carried out for purely esthetical and purely functional reasons. The objective of plastic surgery is to reconstruct or improve the physical shape and the visibly impaired physical function.

At his clinic in Berlin, Professor Dr. Frank W. Peter provides a wide range of available surgical solutions.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Minimally invasive procedures are surgical interventions that are associated with minutest trauma, i.e. minutest injury to the skin and the soft tissues. They mostly result in less postsurgical pain and most often also in quicker recovery.

Professor Dr. Frank W. Peter carries out all minimally invasive treatments himself, such as medical needling, autologous fat transfers, treatments of axillary hyperhidrosis, and botulinum toxin and Botox applications not to mention those that aren’t on this list or performance catalogue.

Medical Cosmetics

The care-providing elements of medical cosmetics represent ideal therapies accessory to surgery and minimally invasive interventions. As every skin is different, it needs an individualized treatment concept.

The many years of experience of our medical cosmetician, Mrs. Stenzel, guarantees the ideal treatment method for each skin type.