Forehead Lift

What happens when you are no longer 20? Then the tissue starts to sag, following the force of gravity. This also happens to the forehead: it sinks, and with it the brows. This changes the whole face and appearance.

Reverse the Effects of Gravity with a Forehead Lift or Brow Lift

Remove Forehead Wrinkles & Worry Lines

Eyebrow Lifting Overview

Indications for SurgerySinking of the forehead / brows
Treatment PeriodTwo hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayOne night
Inactive PeriodOne to two weeks
Costs2.500,- to 3.500,- € for the operation
SportAfter two to four weeks

Forehead Wrinkles and their Effect

Along with the inevitable turning of the clock, you will inevitably start to see signs of aging, the tissue gives way to gravity, the forehead sinks and with it the eyebrows. This changes the whole face and appearance.

Causes of Sinking Eyebrows

The connective tissue changes its structure over the years, i.e. it becomes less elastic, wrinkles appear, the holding ligaments give way, the skin and with it the eyebrows sink downwards.

Eyebrows Change and the Forehead Sinks

If the changes are pronounced, the forehead tissue falls like a curtain before the eyes. The upper eyelids then appear to be drooping. This is only apparent because the sagging forehead compresses the upper eyelids and wrinkles the skin. In addition, the compressed tissue forms a transverse fold at the root of the nose.

As is so often the case: It won’t improve itself but plastic surgery with a tightening can reverse the effects and be done and a forehead lift helps, it influences the whole face.

The Aim of the Treatment is a Wrinkle-Free Forehead and Ideal Eyebrows

The aim of the lift is to open the view again, to bring the brows back to their former position, to reduce the forehead wrinkles and to remove the compression at the root of the nose. It is a kind of upper facelift.

In addition, the eyebrow can be shaped in such a way that it gets an ideal shape, an ideal course.

Procedure of the Treatment

Our patients sleep during such an operation, i.e. they have general anesthesia.

There are two types of treatment:

The temple lift: Here the eyebrows are lifted and their shape optimized. The necessary incision is made at the temples and hidden in the hair so that the later scars are well camouflaged. The excess skin left over by the lifting is removed.

The complete forehead lift: During the complete operation, the entire hairline is cut in the hairline (to hide the scar). The excess skin is removed and the wound is finely sutured this will tighten the entire forehead.

The day after the operation you go home with everything you need: good advice, painkillers, my mobile number and a follow-up appointment.

Follow-up Treatment

We regularly see our patients in our clinic located in Germany to see if everything heals as it should, clean and disinfect the operated area.

After two weeks the stitches are removed.

The final result is visible after two to three months. Then the eyebrow has its final shape and position on both sides.


The forehead nerve runs where you operate so you have to watch out for this nerve and leave it alone. The hair around the incision can fall out but with a careful surgical technique, this risk is low.

When is it not Advisable to Undergo Surgery?

Men are only suitable for such an operation if they have full hair. This is necessary to hide the scar. If the hair has fallen out, such an operation is not possible.

Serious underlying diseases can also prohibit the operation

Costs/Reimbursement by the Health Insurance Company

The costs are to be borne by the customer.