The facelift is still the supreme discipline of plastic and aesthetic surgery and the procedure by which all others must be measured. It requires a high level of expertise. Used correctly, it turns the clock back ten to fifteen years: the condition, i.e. the appearance, is restored to the state it was in at the time. This aesthetic gain is permanent.

Turn Back the Clock with a Facelift

Freshen your Appearance through Facelift

Overview of a Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

Indications for SurgeryAging of the face and neck
Treatment Period5 hours
AnaestheticGeneral anesthesia
Patient StayTwo days
Inactive PeriodTwo weeks
Costs12.000 € plus anaesthesia, station and VAT
Post-Treatmentcontrols, skin care
SportFour weeks after the procedure

Aesthetic Gains Through Face Lifts

The facelift remains the supreme discipline of plastic-aesthetic surgery and the procedure by which all others must be measured and requires a high level of expertise. Used correctly, it can turn the clock back ten to fifteen years: it restores the condition, i.e. the appearance, that prevailed at that time.

The goal is naturalness, the face must look fresh, rested, harmonious and youthful, not artificial, over strained and “surgical”.

Causes of Facial Aging

The aging process takes place in all structures of the face:

The skin: it becomes thinner, loses elasticity, gets wrinkles the cause of which is the breakdown of collagen.

The subcutis: i.e. the subcutaneous fat, also disappears. It also gives way to gravity and sinks.

Musculature: The retaining ligaments of the muscles of the face give way, the inner shape defined by the muscles changes: the face becomes longer, more angular, older.

The bone: The bones become thinner and less voluminous in some places and more prominent in others.

All this causes a face and a neck to age.

Counteract the Aging Process in the Face and Neck

The face and neck show the consequences of aging, here is what can be done to help:

With caring cosmetics: This refreshes the skin itself, the dermis, and increases its water content. Deep layers are not captured.

With the laser: Fine and finest, purely superficial wrinkles are removed, the skin collagen becomes firmer.

With hyaluronic acid: the loss of volume is reduced, wrinkles are underlined and less noticeable.

All symptoms of aging, especially the change of shape of the face, are treated with surgery and only with surgery.

Aim of the Treatment of a Face Lift

Our patients keep saying that their face, their appearance, does not match how they feel and experience it, namely active, youthful and fresh.

With a good face lift you achieve exactly that: The face looks just like you remembered.

Procedure of the Treatment

Our patients come to our clinic and are operated on for five hours.
The most important part is the deep tightening of the tissue: the muscles of the face and neck, i.e. the SMAS and the platysm, are brought into their former position. This procedure restores the shape of the face and neck, i.e. a crucial part of the appearance.

When the deep structures are tightened, the skin automatically remains, there is no need to pull on it at all. The excess skin is simply removed and a large part of the skin folds disappear. If the skin is not pulled, there is also no overtightened, artificial impression.

If the fat is too much or too little, the fat is also tackled: Too much fat, e.g. on the neck, is removed by suction. Too little fat is transplanted in the same session.

After the operation, our patients stay on the ward for two days. On the first postoperative day, the compression bandage is removed and replaced by narrow strips of plaster and the hair is washed.

On the second day after the operation we go home with my mobile number, medication, advice and check-ups.

Follow-up Treatment

We regularly check the healing process at our Clinic located in Germany and take care of the skin after a face lift or Soft Lifts.

The stitches are removed two weeks after the operation, sometimes it takes a few days longer.

The final result is visible after three months, then the swelling has finally subsided and the internal healing is complete.


The main risk is the injury of the facial nerve, the affected facial muscles are no longer innervated, parts of the face become asymmetrical, crooked. This must not happen! If it does happen, the following has to be done: The severed nerve must be found and sutured under the microscope. It then slowly grows forward again and supplies the affected muscles again, but not completely. Post-operative corrections minimize asymmetry.

Wound healing disorders and secondary bleeding occur, but are very rare.

When is it not Advisable to Undergo Surgery?

The changes caused by aging must be seen correctly. Then it is worth the effort, the effect before – after – is clear.

However, if the changes are small, smaller measures are indicated.

Heavy smokers may not be operated, because then complications, particularly healing disorders, are foreseeable.

Costs / Reimbursement by Health Insurance

The costs have to be paid by yourself.

Further Information

The following authors have dealt extensively with this topic: T. J. Baker, J. M. Stuzin, D. C. Baker, S. T. Hamra, B. F. Connell