Reconstructive Surgery After an Accident, Injury or Trauma

Reconstruction, i.e. reconstructive surgery or procedures, is an essential part of plastic surgery and enormous advances in medicine in recent decades have made it possible to restore the integrity of the body to a large extent and thus to avoid or reduce functional restrictions, functional failures, deformities and amputations and to save lives.

The expenditure on research has been significant and Plastic surgery with its reconstruction methods have made a big contribution to this.
Reconstructive surgery can be used in the following situations:

  • After accident / trauma / injury
  • After tumour – OP
  • After combustion
  • For congenital malformations

Accident / Trauma / Injury

The spectrum of possible injuries is very broad and ranges from minor injuries to the most serious, life-threatening accidents that can happen at places like; work, in traffic, after assaults, in war, at home and during sports.

This means that the spectrum of possible treatment is also very broad, much to broad to discuss in this article.

In the case of serious injuries, many medical disciplines will work together to save a person’s life, these include; accident surgery / traumatology, intensive medicine, anaesthesia and, depending on the necessity, other medical specialties.

Tumour – OP

If a tumour (benign or cancerous) is surgically removed by an operation, a defect, a “hole”, remains. If muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones have to be resected, the function can be – in part massively – restricted.

This is where reconstructive surgery becomes important, functions that are lost through removal are – elaborately – reconstructed, defects – partly elaborately and with high expertise closed with quality of life, independence and dignity of the patients largely preserved.


Burns, particularly severe burns, require immediate special treatment in a burn centre. There are 26 such highly specialized clinics in Germany, which treat patients who are severely burnt with great expertise.

The acute treatment lasts many months, however, the effects of the burns can last for the rest of his or her life, these effects include;

Contractures, functional restrictions, scars with ulcers, disfigurements and malignant neoplasms.

We are specialized in the restoration of burn effects and offer the whole spectrum of operations, especially within the framework of our charity project placet:

Congenital Malformations

Congenital malformations can occur in various parts of the body: On the female breast, on the thorax, in the face (ears, nose), on the hands etc..

The correct term here would be manufacture / construction rather than reconstruction, this is because the malformed body parts were never properly present and must first be surgically formed constructed and manufactured.

It requires individual consultation and a special therapy plan that does justice to the particular and individual situation and is treated by our surgeons.