Our Philosophy and Values at Beauty Pro

We understand plastic and esthetical surgery to be a great opportunity for individuals who are dissatisfied with their outer appearance. This may be due several reasons: congenital anomalies, unpleasing physical attributes, or the consequences of aging.

We conceive our task and self-understanding as enabling these individuals to have a contented, fulfilled and autonomous life.

Beauty Pro offers you plastic surgery, minimally invasive treatments and medical cosmetics. The sustainable and natural treatment of the patient stands in the center of our work and values.

Our treatment methods comply with the current international and Germany standards of our specialties, which are based on reputable biological and physiological methods and constitute a corroborated therapeutic progress to the beneit of our patients in the long term.

We will advise you with sincerity and competence and select the right procedure for you by considering a balanced cost-benefit ratio.

Naturally, the indication for surgery must be given and the “problem” must be solvable by surgical intervention. Surgery must not be applied if an ailment results from a psychological condition.