Correct the Focal Point of the Face with Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty

Rekindle your Desire for a Beautiful Nose

Overview of a Nose Correction


Indications for SurgeryAbnormal shape that does not fit the face. Severe restriction of breathing due to sloping septum.
Treatment Period1.5 – 2.5 hours
AnaestheticGeneral Anesthesia
Patient Stay1 night
Inactive Period1 Week
Costs3000 – 4800 € for the operation; without anesthesia, without bed, without VAT
Post-Treatment1 week plaster, controls over many months
Sport2 – 4 weeks after the procedure


The Nose – Which Shape is the Most Beautiful?

The nose is a central part of the face, shaping the appearance and impression that a person makes when meeting someone for the first time. Ideally, a nose must fit the face there is no standard nose according to the motto: One fits all.

There are certainly differences between the ideal female and male nose shape. The ideal female nose is finer, more delicate and has a slight curve, i.e. a difference in height between the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose. The ideal male nose is stronger, more prominent, the bridge and tip of the nose are at the same level, often referred to as the “Roman Nose”.

However, in both sexes, if the nose is too big or crooked, one can take hit to their self esteem and ultimately, the self confidence.

The Way to the Perfect Nose

A nose that does not fit the face and contradicts our ideas of aesthetics can be changed by a rhinoplasty. Sometimes you have to give nature a nudge, it doesn’t jump by itself…

Individual facial shapes must be taken into account when planning and performing an operation. The wishes of the patient, technical limitations aside, are heard and taken into account by the surgeon so that the rhinoplasty will provide an optimal aesthetic result for the patient.

Nose Reduction

A nose that is too large impairs the harmonious facial features. As experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery, we can reduce the size of your nose and give it a completely new shape. Depending on the shape correction, different surgical steps and procedures are possible. For example, by removing bone and cartilage, a hump nose can be treated or the nose can be narrowed. With pronounced large noses, the tip of the nose is usually also corrected.

Nose Tip Correction

When the tip of the nose is reshaped, a shortening, lifting, straightening / lowering or narrowing of the nostrils occurs.

Nasal Septum Operation

One of the most frequently performed rhinoplasties is the operation on the nasal septum. The reasons for this are more for health problems aesthetics, such as the shape of a crooked nose. The symptoms resulting from a malformation of the nasal septum can be, for example, difficulty breathing.

The Goal is a Pleasing Result & Satisfied Patients

Rhinoplasty is without doubt one of the most demanding cosmetic surgery procedures. The aim of a nose operation is to achieve an optimally aesthetically pleasing shape that fits the respective face. It is therefore important that the operation is carried out by surgeons with sufficient experience, aesthetic understanding and sensitivity, so that the operation can be a huge success.

In the case of respiratory tract obstructions such as those resulting from a nasal septum curvature (septum deviation), the cause of reduced nasal breathing is eliminated, the patient can breathe freely again.

If necessary, a function-improved operation can be combined with an aesthetic correction. We would be pleased to advise you on the individual possibilities of a combined correction.

The Procedure of a Nose Operation

Before the procedure we simulate the result with a photo, this way the patient can better imagine the results of their ideas and conceptions of his nose, what shape can be achieved.

Nose corrections take place under anaesthesia and take one to two and a half hours, usually our patients stay in our clinic for one night. Then they go home with a cast on and come to us for follow-up checks.

If nasal breathing is restricted and the cause is determined by a physical examination and, if necessary, endoscopy and CT, a measurement, a rhinomanometry, is used to determine how severely it is impaired. Then treatment is carried out according to the results of the examinations.


After one week the plaster and the stitches at the nasal bridge are removed, you able to go out on the street and among people, the immediate side effects of the operation have subsided.

However, after nose operations it takes a very long time, up to one year, until the nose has reached its final shape. This is how long it takes until the internal healing process is completely complete. In daily practice, the patient must always be patient and let time work. The last follow-up check is then carried out after twelve months to see whether all the goals of the operation have been achieved. Excersise is possible after two to four weeks, however, contact and ball sports must be avoided. as the operated nose must not be pushed or pressed.


With any operation there is no such thing as zero risk!!! but with experienced surgeons, the risk is small. The most important medical risk is the post-operative breathing impediment, which careful surgical technique reduces. In approx. 10 % of cases, prominent internal scars appear during the healing process, which can be visible. They cannot really be influenced, the healing process follows a fixed pattern. This may require a post-operational procedure, which is then small and only corrects the distension.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty::

Causes of an Unattractive Nose

The shape of a nose is congenital, it develops in the course of life. All children’s noses look similar and are inconspicuous, the shape of the nose is finally developed in puberty. Then it becomes either harmonious and beautiful or striking and unattractive and with age, it changes again and becomes bigger and longer. Accidents and direct trauma can change the shape, the classic being the boxer nose. Repeated violent blows to the organ create a saddle nose but the most frequent change is the hump nose.

Nasal breathing can be restricted for various reasons: a crooked nasal septum (nasal septum), polyps (bulges of the mucous membrane), swelling of the nasal mucosa.

Even a disturbed nasal breathing does not get better by itself afflicted patients breathe through the mouth, especially during physical exertion, not enough air gets into the lungs through the nose. Then the mucous membranes dry out, because the air we breathe is not moistened in the nose. At night they snore. It is necessary to determine the causes and then treat them in a differentiated manner.

Can you Claim a Nose Job on Health Insurance?

The health insurance company will cover the costs of a functional correction if it is established by rhinomanometry that there is a severe obstruction of nasal breathing. The costs for aesthetic corrections of the nose are to be borne by the patient.

What does a Nose Correction / Nose Reduction Cost?

The treatment costs, in our clinic in Berlin, about 3000 Euro to 4800 Euro, depending on which corrections are made. In addition, there are the costs for the operation and accommodation, as well as the value added tax. We will be happy to inform you about the individual amounts in a personal consultation.

How long are you on Sick Leave for a Nose Job?

If the nose operation is an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure resulting from cosmetic surgery, then there may be an incapacity for work, but the surgeon may not issue a certificate of incapacity for work in the case of cosmetic operations without a disease-related background. For the period of convalescence, the holiday time account will therefore usually have to be used (Section 3, paragraph 1 of the Continued Remuneration Act).

Rhinoplasty without Surgery?

If only minimal blemishes on the nose are to be removed, which can be done without surgery, treatment with hyaluronic acid may be possible to compensate for deformities.

Is a Nose Correction Possible in Berlin?

In our Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we specialize in various cosmetic operations with many years of experience and have been successfully performing nose corrections in Berlin for years.

What do I need to Know before the Nose Operation?

As with any surgical procedure, blood thinning or clotting medication must be discontinued. Alternatively, heparin injections can be administered, consult your doctor in good time before the planned procedure.

How long is the Hospital Stay for a Nose Job?

After the operation, our patients receive comprehensive care. As a rule, the inpatient stay in our clinic is never longer than one night.

How long does the Cast Stay on the Nose?

Normally a cast must be worn for seven days after a nose correction.

How Long is a Swelling Visible after Nose Surgery?

If the nasal cast is removed after a few days, swelling often occurs, which is significantly reduced in three to six weeks. During this time, physical exertion should be avoided so as not to promote the swelling. The doctor will advise you on the medication to reduce the swelling.

How Long Should Exersise be Avoided after Nose Surgery?

Sporting activities can usually be resumed after two to four weeks after the operation, depending on which surgical method was used. The attending physician decides on the time period.

When is a Nose Reduction not Advisable?

Rhinoplasty that leads to functional problems, i.e. provokes an obstruction of breathing, must not be performed, this causes the nose to look extremely reduced in size and on top of that it looks artificial and “Man Made”. Keyword: Michael Jackson. Surgery should not create problems but eliminate them, a nose must fit into the respective face, serious basic diseases also prohibit such an operation.

Where is the Best Place to get a Nose Job?

Unfortunately, like everywhere else, there are black sheep in plastic surgery. If you choose a clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery whose surgeon belongs to recognized German and international professional organizations, as is the case with the Klinik am Wittenbergplatz, you have made a good choice. Many years of experience in plastic facial surgery and a sure instinct for detail ensure an optimal result.