Regrow your Confidence with a Hair Transplant

Natural Hair Transplantation for Alopecia

Healthy and vital hair is important for well-being and attractiveness. Through modern hair transplantation using the Trichotransplant® concept, men and women can achieve permanent, completely natural hair thickening and regrow your confidence in the process.

The internationally experienced German dermatologist and hair expert Dr. med. Andreas M. Finner will inform you about the hair transplantation procedures and treatments

Dr. Finner is our Expert

In addition to dermatology, Dr. Finner has been working clinically and scientifically with trichology for over 15 years, this includes hair medicine and hair surgery. During this time he has treated tens of thousands of patients, including several thousand with hair transplants.

As a dermatologist and specialist for hair loss (alopecia) and hair transplantation, he offers a scientifically sound diagnosis and treatment at university level with digital success control and he recommends only methods proven by studies and not dubious “hair treatments”

Only during a preliminary examination and a personal consultation with the specialist (no hair consultant, no impersonal clinic chain) can a trustworthy basis develop and an individual treatment concept be created.

Hair Medicine is an Overall Concept

He carries out hair transplants as permanent hair restoration for men and women according to the Trichotransplant® concept developed by him. It is based on the sustainable creation of a natural, individually aesthetic hair fullness using hair-protecting, microsurgical techniques.

His experienced and skilled team guarantees a high quality of the own hair transplantation. A minimally invasive hair transplantation of several thousand individual hairs or follicular units (FUE/FUT) is performed under local anaesthesia, which then grow for life.

However, he is not only a hair expert, but as a dermatologist he can recognize scalp and dermatological problems early and treat them competently.

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