Dr. med. Andreas Finner: Background and Qualifications

Until 2000

Medical studies in Lübeck (Prof. H. H. Wolff, PD J. Welzel), experimental doctoral thesis: on the subject of “Exogenous Hair Damage and Application of Care Products”.


Employment at the Dermatology Hospital and Hair Competence Center at the Charité and FU Berlin (Prof. C. E. Orfanos, Prof. W. Sterry), among other activities, continuous holding of hair and cosmetics consultation office hours, research, study physician, Organization Committee of the World Hair Conference which were added to his extensive background.


Fellowship in Hair and Hair Transplantation (special clinical and research qualification on the subject of hair) at the renowned and world’s largest hair center at the Dermatology Hospital of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (Prof. Jerry Shapiro) where he would learn more about hair transplants. Here, daily hair consultations (office hours) hours and hair transplantations.


Traineeships at further hair specialists and hair transplantation centers in the USA


University Dermatology Clinic in Magdeburg (Prof. H. Gollnick), surgical team and hair and esthetics consultation hours (acne, rosacea, hyperhidrosis, etc.) and general dermatological office hours extending his qualifications.


European Board Exam in dermatology and venereology (so-called European specialist, first German graduate).

Recognition of board certification as specialist for dermatology and venereal diseases.


Member of the expert group for drawing up the European Medical Guidelines for the Diagnostics and Management of Hereditary Alopecia.


Foundation of the Trichomed® office in Berlin and professional activities as a hair specialist / hair expert in other cities.

2009 – Today

Scientific journal publications, contributions in newspapers and on TV, lectures on hair research conferences and meetings of the European and international Society for Hair Transplantations as well as dermatological conferences (reviewer) for scientific journals on the subjects of alopecia and the scalp.

Conduction of hair transplantations in my own offices and as an experienced fee-based physician in other German and European hospitals.



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