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Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery in Berlin

Aesthetic surgery in Berlin enjoys an outstanding international reputation. Patients come from all over the world to the capital of Germany to be treated by Professor Frank W. Peter and his team. An individualized plan utilizing the most appropriate methods is developed and carried out for each patient. Cosmetic surgeon Professor Frank W. Peter completed a long and intensive course of training at noted international universities. He takes the time to conduct an extensive meeting and discussion with his patients in order to be able to address their individual wishes in an optimal fashion. Along with achieving convincing results, reducing risk to the greatest degree possible is a central focus. In the section Our Philosophy your can read more what we are all about 

klinik_aussicht_3  klinik_aussicht_4Wittenbergplatz

Centrally Located in the Middle of Berlin

The plastic surgery center is situated at Wittenbergplatz. Patients who come to Berlin for extensive cosmetic surgery enjoy from their comfortably furnished rooms a wonderful view of the cityís rooftops, the KaDeWe department store and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheid Square. Minor operations and improvements can be done on an out-patient basis.

Natural Beauty is the Goal

The goal of the Plastic Surgery Center in Berlin is a natural and beautiful appearance. A popular cosmetic operation is, for example, a face-lifting which, thanks to a special procedure, lasts for a lifetimeñso that you feel younger longer and look that way as well. A face-lift not only involves the skin, but beyond that also includes the muscles and tendons as well as fat and connective tissue. The structures, which over the years have lost their tone, are smoothed in a fashion which makes them look years younger.

Make Your Eyes Look Young and Alive Again

An eyelid operation centers on firming the eyelids and removing pouches under the eyes. The goal of this cosmetic operation is a radiant look which others find enchanting. Following a visit to the clinic you will once again look young, fresh and lively. Further information>>

Successful Nose and Lip Correction at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Berlin

Along with the eyes, the nose also impacts oneís appearance. A crooked nose, a humped nose or a nose that is too big, can detract from oneís appearance. Through means of an operation done under general anesthesia we shape your nose to appear exactly as you would like it to. Along with purely esthetic considerations, nose surgery can also be required due to a medical diagnosis. So for example, a correction of the nasal septum can alleviate various breathing difficulties. In addition, lip correction utilizing naturally based filler is part of the scope of services provided by the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Berlin. Further information>>

Achieving the Ideal Figure with Liposuction

If, in spite of a healthy diet and exercise, you have problems with your figure, we can model your body utilizing very fine hollow needles (cannula) to remove fat (liposuction). Liposuction performed at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Berlin is painless and brings lasting successful results. Further information>>

Breast Augmentation Increases Well-Being

Additional services which the Cosmetic Surgery Center can provide include breast augmentation and enlargement. Attractive cleavage increases a womanís self-confidence. Breasts which are too small, too large, asymmetrical or droop can quickly become an emotional and physical burden. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Berlin helps you achieve the appearance that you desire. We use the most modern implants made of silicone gel which cannot leak or bleed. We achieve a lasting firming of the breasts through an effective treatment of glandular tissue. If your breasts are naturally too large, the result can be neck and back pain. In that case, relief can be obtained through a breast reduction operation, which results in breasts that are in harmony with the rest of the body. Further information>>

Extensive Consultation Prior to Every Treatment

Your cosmetic surgery is preceded by an extensive consultation with Professor Peter. Your questions will be answered, you can express your personal wishes and are given a detailed explanation of the procedure. A treatment plan for your cosmetic surgery is drawn up and an appointment is agreed upon.

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